Jimmy Cartography

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Jimmy Cartography is the father of Paul Cartography. He is also the proprieter of ShipCart, a model ship shop which has sponsored children's Blaseball teams in Dartmouth and Halifax.

"Blaseball's Army"

In 2019, Cartography released independantly a book about Blaseball entitled "Blaseball's Army". The short book is partly a memoir of his involvement in his son's brief amateur career, and partly a critique of splorts medicine through the lens of his son's experience losing an arm after a minor injury. The Halifax Gazette called the book "scathing, but harmless" as an examination of the institutions around amateur and collegiate splort and concluded that "Blaseball's Army is no more profound than the ill-concieved and frankly incomprehensible pun in its title." Other reviews were more positive. Writing for THE SUN IS OUR ENEMY, Ron Monstera called the book "an important reminder that Blaseball just isn't as good for players in other parts of the world."