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Halifax is a sunken city in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia. The current mayor is Cummerbund O'Shartigan.


Due to rising water levels in recent years, Halifax has built supermassive levees around the harbour city. An unforeseen consequence of the levees was that the extra weight of the walls caused a sinking of the whole city between them. Very little light reaches most of Halifax now. The neighbouring community of Dartmouth across the bay chose not to build levees, and did not sink, as a result, it has become home to many of Halifax鈥檚 wealthy, who craved the sun's light.


According to the 2019 census, Halifax had a population of 243,990 humans, with an additional 191,239 who reported as other.


Halifax is the current home city of the Canada Moist Talkers, a team in the Internet Blaseball League who play out of Gleek Arena.