Canada Moist Talkers/Season 5

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Season β5 is an incredibly mundane season for the Moist Talkers, with no roster changes or incinerations. While their record slightly improves to 55-44, their position in the league is identical to that of Season β4, even with the addition of Workman Gloom. Making the postseason, the Moist Talkers get past the first round, defeating the Baltimore Crabs 3-1, before getting knocked by the Breckenridge Jazz Hands 3-2 in Round 2.

The lineup is shuffled by a Reverb, an event that proves beneficial as it moves the bulk of the power to the beginning of the lineup, and the team moves into the Mild High division after the High Filter Decree passes. They also become  Fireproof as a result of the Flame-Resistant Foam blessing, protecting them from incinerations for the next season.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events


On Day 74 of the Season, the Moist Talkers' lineup was shuffled in the Reverb. The change in the batting order is noted below.

Before Reverb After Reverb