Belligerent Phlegm Receptacle

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The Belligerent Phlegm Receptacle was the former mascot of the Canada Moist Talkers, replacing THE MAW in Season β2.

The BPR is a large granite fountain on wheels with an angry face spraypainted onto the base, placed at the entrance to Gleek Arena for fans to spit in as they enter the stadium. Moist Talkers players will then ritualistically dunk their heads in the aggregate spit and snot of their fans for good fortune and unity during the game. During halftime, the Receptacle is wheeled out onto the field, where one lucky fan will be drowned in the stagnant loogie stew as appeasement to whatever forces hold dominion over the bleautiful glame of blaseball. It bears striking resemblance to Tom DeLonge's maw.


  • The Phlegm Receptacle was salvaged from the sunken ruins of Greater Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, in the year 2███.

Season 3

  • Starting in Season 3, the Moist Talkers changed their mascot to The Moist Owlette. The Belligerent Phlegm Receptacle stands at the entrance to the stadium and fans still spit in it as they enter the stadium, but now it is no longer on wheels. According to reports from fans, dark figures can occasionally be seen by the BPR at night, dumping black garbage bags into it. Who the individuals are or what is in the bags are both unknown.