Canada Moist Talkers/Season 8

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In Season β8, thankfully, the Moist Talkers have a much calmer season with not as much roster turmoil. Well, sort of. On Day 44 of the season, hitter Eugenia Garbage would get caught in the Feedback twice, resulting in Lachlan Shelton returning to the Moist Talkers, and Simon Haley being sent to the Charleston Shoe Thieves. Another blast of Feedback sees Quack Enjoyable head to the Seattle Garages for Cedric Spliff. While their standing in the league improved, it wasn't enough to reach the Postseason.

The election is a calm one as well, with the Moist Talkers winning the Barrel of Tiny Eggs blessing, and every fan of the Moist Talkers receiving 10000 Peanuts.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events