Canada Moist Talkers/Fan Culture

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

This page details the fan culture surrounding the Canada Moist Talkers.

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A cornerstone of the Moist Talkers fan community are these two community values:

  1. Be Kind
  2. Be Gross


The Canada Moist Talkers' fans have plenty of chants to scream out while in the stands of a blaseball arena. Notably, most of the chants involve a large amount of spitting.

General Chants

  • Talk Spit, Get Hits
  • One Mouth, a lotta spit
  • Call and response: "Stay Wet" | "You bet"

Player Specific Chants

  • Garbage Day (Yelled out when Eugenia Garbage is up to bat or performs a strong play)
  • Bates can't bat, Bates on base, Bates can(not) bat (Elijah Bates being one of the regularly inconsistent players on the team)
  • ...---... , CAN'T CRACK THE CODE (Shouted out when Ortiz Morse is on the pitching mound)
  • Harrison gets hugs (Richmond Harrison being one of the most loved players on the team)
  • A call and response: "The doctor is in" | "And you are out" (Exclaimed when Mooney Doctor is on the pitching mound)
  • Gloom goes the dynamite! (Workman Gloom hits a home run)
  • Circle circle dot dot! Step up batter, take your shot! (Polkadot Patterson takes the mound)


  • Moist Talker fans refer to stealing bases as a "spit take."
  • The Gleek Arena is affectionately known by fans as either the Moist Zone or Spittle Park.