Michel É. Moose and Chalky Hoodwinkle

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A Cartoon-Style drawing of a Moose and a Goose wearing Blaseball jerseys and hats

Michel Élan Moose and Chalky Hoodwinkle are the head coaches of the Canada Moist Talkers. Michel and Chalky have been married forever, always have each others backs, and together are one of the two power couples that form the emotional core of the Moist Talkers.

Michel and Chalky were the original coaches of the Moist Talkers, as anointed by the Billy Bleane Deities. They've never wavered from their roles as Head Coaches of the Moist Talkers.


  • Both Michel and Chalky carry Spistles, special whistles that use moisture to catch the attention of any Moist Talker over incredible distances.