Canada Moist Talkers/Season 23

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In Season β23, the Moist Talkers build on their momentum to finish first in the Mild League. An eternally- SHELLED Lucien Patchwork, players being swept Elsewhere..., and a bulky rotation prone to Fax Machine keep them from reaching their highest potential. However, strategic renovations, gifts and Flooding help this team recover in time to clinch their third ILB Championship and Evolve.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Stadium Renovations

  • Light Switch - 9,928,074 Coins Spent
  • Flooding + - 8,590,214 Coins Spent
  • Stables - 7,436,540 Coins Spent


The Moist Talkers were also the top contributors for the Worms, the Shoe Thieves, the Tacos, and the Garages.

Election Results

Party Favors

  • Team Roamless Crate passed with 574,521 Votes, 71% of all Decree Votes



Post Election