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For the temporary Players that can be purchased from the Gift Shop, see Replicas.

Replica is a Player Modification first seen in the Season β18 Latesiesta and is exclusive to Replicas.

Dust is a Player Modification first seen after the Season β18 Elections and is exclusive to Replicas.


The Replica modification has no effect on the performance of Replicas and serves to indicate that a player is a temporary replica granted by the Gift Shop.

The Dust modification is applied to active Replicas at the end of each Season, with Replicas fading to Dust before being removed from rosters and returing to the Vault. Replicas that have been Incinerated, Redacted, or are in the Shadows do not fade to Dust.


Both Replica and Dust were first seen with the opening of the Season β18 Gift Shop, which introduced Replicas.

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