Downward Dogs

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The Downward Dogs were an Internet League Blaseball team in the Pre-History I and II eras. They joined Internet League Blaseball's Evil League on Season C, Day 8 as an incineration replacement for the Alaskan Immortals. Their current status is unknown, but it is known that they are not deceased. They continued to participate in Blaseball until at least Season AA.

The Downward Dogs are in possession of one Championship and one Underchampionship. They also hold the modification Walk in the Park, presumably because they are dogs.

During Beta, the team page for the Dogs had a unique feature: when clicking on the team emoji, users received a notification reading "You pet the Dogs!" Additionally, players are named after pet dogs of The Game Band's various members (i.e. Cocoa Weeks is a reference to Groundskeeper Weeks's dog Cocoa), and their pregame rituals are all actions typical of dogs.


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