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The history of the Hawai‘i Fridays blaseball team before the formation of Ultra League Blaseball is largely lost to time.

Season A

The Hawai‘i Fridays started strong in Ultra League Blaseball, making it all the way to the Good League Conference Finals, before losing 2-4 to the Minneapolis Truckers. The Season A Election concluded with the Fridays using their Will to Hex Parker MacMillan with Non-Profit.

Season B

The first season under the newly-renamed Internet League Blaseball saw the Fridays once again enter the Good League Conference Finals, before succumbing 2-4 once again, this time to the eventual Season B Champions, the Baltimore Crabs.

The Fridays would never again reach their divisional Conference Finals until Season 13.

Season β1

Spent mostly "just getting into the swing of things, dude."

Season β2

Entering The Discipline Era with a marked lack of discipline, the Fridays struggled particularly on the pitcher's mound. Two batters were killed on the field by umpires. This harshed some vibes, but replacements Hendricks Rangel and York Silk brought the vibes back. With 45 wins and 54 losses overall, Fridays tied the Los Angeles Tacos for 5th worst in the league. Fridays players were observed to not have their eyes on the pennant so much as their eyes on the grill.

In the Season 2 postseason, 8 year old York Silk received the Gunblade Bat as a blessing from his teammates.

The Bottom Ninth Hendricks Rangel Miracle (Season 2, Day 56)

Box score following the first Hendricks Rangel Miracle.

Hendricks Rangel hits a grand slam during the bottom of the ninth inning to score 4 runs and SHAME against the Los Angeles Tacos.

The Bottom Ninth Miracle 2 (Season 2, Day 66)

A second grand slam only 10 days later during the bottom of the ninth inning to score 4 runs and SHAME against the Charleston Shoe Thieves. Final score 5-9.

Season β3

The Fridays did not show up for the first 6 games of the season, as surf was just too good to pass up.

The Fridays continued their play at chill vibes in the early part of the season, but the team began feeling themselves after Nagomi McDaniel ate a yummy peanut and became one of the league's most feared batters. The team's winning momentum grew, and after a 0-6 then 12-24 start, they eventually climbed to a record of 38-38 by Day 76. The Day 76 win was a calamitous one, though, as power hitter Hendricks Rangel and fan favorite Sebastian Sunshine were both incinerated during the game. The Fridays would go on to finish the season with a 48-51 record, a record best to date, ranking 7th worst overall.

While Rangel, Sunshine, Sam, and Solis were incinerated during the season, Our Lady of Perpetual Friday saw fit to bless the team with three new friends: Evelton McBlase, Juice Collins, and Basilio Fig.

The Millennials Upset (Season 3, Day 55)

Millennials Upset box score.

The Fridays tipped the odds on the New York Millennials with an absolutely mythic 17-2 victory despite their 44% odds and the Millennials Being blessed with the 4th strike.

The Juice Cleanse (Season 3, Day 76)

A Pyrrhic victory for the Fridays, on Day 76 of Season 3 they defeated the Los Angeles Tacos 5-3 to reach a .500 winning percentage for the first time that season, but in the course of the game both Hendricks Rangel AND Sebastian Sunshine were incinerated by rogue umpires. In need of replacement players, Our Lady of Perpetual Friday gave the blessing of sentience to Basilio Fig (a nearby palm tree) and Juice Collins (a cocktail from the Fridays' 3rd base drinks cart). The luau after the game, which served simultaneously as a welcome for the new players and a wake for the incinerated ones, is regarded as one of the greatest in Fridays history.

Season β4

The Fridays decided to change things up a bit and started Season 4 hot, going 6-1, including a record-tying 23 runs against Shoe Thieves Gunther O'Brian. Soon afterward, the Fridays decided to chill out and drifted toward the bottom of the Chaotic Good division, ending the season 44-55.

Basilio Fig and Baldwin Breadwinner swapped due to feedback on day 82, and Thomas England was incinerated by a rogue umpire on day 86. Sixpack Dogwalker came in to replace England, and due to the breakage in the timespace continuum on day 88, somehow came to wield Thomas England's femur as a bat, now known as Bangers and Smash.

During the elections cookout, the Fridays found themselves feeling chiller than usual as waves of good vibes washed over them. Additionally, when they looked at the grill, they found a giant rack of brontosaurus ribs on the fire, with Sixpack gnawing on the corner. No one knows where she got dinosaur meat from, but after the popping and cracking of sinew and bone in the shared meal, the Fridays felt the strength and camaraderie to play a stronger defensive game of blaseball.

Strangely, Terrell Bradley was spotted with a second, pointier mustache, and Stevenson Heat had a goatee.

Stomping of the Shoe Thieves (Season 4, Day 3)

Box score of the Fridays' stunning rout of the Charleston Shoe thieves

The Fridays opened their fourth season with a series against the Charleston Shoe Thieves. Upon returning from a dawn patrol surf session before the final game of the series, the Fridays discovered that the Shoe Thieves had raided the teams clubhouse, leaving with their entire collection of cleats and other beach footwear. The theft brought particular distress to star player York Silk, whose mother would not purchase him another pair of light-up cleats until the next blaseball season.

Much to the surprise of the Shoe Thieves, playing entirely barefoot was not only great for vibes, but a strategic advantage at the particularly sandy location the game was being held in. The Fridays trounced the Shoe Thieves 23-8, tying the record for most runs scored by a team in one game and surprising The Commissioner. The loss was so embarrassing for the Shoe Thieves that in a rare move, general manager and ace pitcher Cornelius Games returned the team’s footwear and rushed his team on to the bus, leaving before the postgame cookout.

Fig Hits Big (Season 4, Day 6)

Despite exceptional base running from Bevan Underbuck, the Fridays headed into the bottom of the ninth down 7-3 against the San Francisco Lovers. After an inspiring series of chirps and ta-weets from Fletcher Yamamato, the Fridays repaired their vibes and began rallying back. With the bases loaded, Lovers team captain Knight Triumphant made the call to walk star batter York Silk, walking in a run and bringing Basilio Fig to the plate with a score of 7-6. Fig, hitless in his previous at bats, completed the comeback with a monster hit that resulted in a final score of 10-7 and SHAME for Lovers.

Season β5

At the end of Season β5, the Bad Neighbors blessing impaired the Fridays' overall rating by 3%.

Season 7

The Day the Beans Stood Still (Season 7, Day 70)

On Season 7 Day 70, the Fridays faced the Garages and their fearsome pitcher, Jaylen Hotdogfingers, during a solar eclipse. The Fridays fans waited in the stands with bated breath, everyone somehow holding hands with everyone else, to see which of their beloved players would get hit by Jaylen’s dread beanballs and become unstable.

Fletcher Yamamoto began the game with a solo home run to show the Garages that they could not be cowed by necromancy. By the mercy of Our Lady of Perpetual Fridays, or perhaps because the players decided to swing at literally every pitch Jaylen threw no matter what, the Fridays escaped the game unscathed, with no beanballs and no instability.

The Garages were, of course, still invited to the traditional post-game cookout, where the Fridays fans collectively released their held breath and felt Our Lady’s cool breeze blow away any bad vibes that remained.

Season 8

As a result of the Center of Attention blessing, from this season onwards fans received double coins for idolising York Silk.

York instantly soared up the idol board, rousing the ire of The Shelled One, who encased Silk in a large peanut shell at the end of season 8.

At eight years old, Silk is the youngest Blaseball player to ever be "shelled" in this manner, and his imprisonment saw an outpouring of sympathy from fans throughout the ILB (who were nonetheless responsible for the shelling in the first place).

Season β9

Season 9 was a historic season not only for the Fridays, but for all of Blaseball.

With star player York Silk trapped in a peanut and unable to bat, the Fridays achieved a record-breaking losing streak of 15 games. This enabled them to reach Party Time by day 73, breaking the previous record by 3 days.

It was at this point that the Fridays' worst ever season began transforming into their best ever season.

Our Lady of Perpetual Friday granted the Fridays a boon. Using her power, she wove together a spell which blanketed the island. The first signs of the spell was the rumbling of the land and a gentle breeze blowing from the South. Eyewitness reports on the beach claim that the surf that day was the best it has ever been. Lava poured forth from the hills and a new island paradise was born.

It was there the Fridays were brought to rest, relax, and recover, with the team enjoying a total of 18 parties (another ILB record) that boosted the team's star rating by more than 50%.

The Hawai'i Fiveday: At the end of their historic loss on Day 73, having reached Party Time faster than anyone in history, the Fridays felt a strong gust of wind, and heard a small, tranquil whisper along with it. This voice promised that "Before the season's final out, you will celebrate as much as immaterial plane as ever seen. Let the immaculate vibes be your guide, for they will lead the way." The team almost immediately forgot this prophetic message, and partied as usual for the next 25 days. On the last day of the regular season, during their game with the Breath Mints, the Fridays heard another sound carried by the wind. However, instead of a voice, all the players heard the certified Bop(tm) of ███████'s "████ (█████████████)". This iconic sound led to Winnie Hess, Mooney Doctor II, Fletcher Yamamoto, James Mora, and Jacob Winner all dancing and partying in quick succession. This event has become referred to by fans as the "Hawai'i Fiveday", which has not been confirmed or denied by Our Lady of Perpetual Friday to be related to any previous prophecies.

The Goodest Friday

The Fridays were on a beer run to the mainland when they learned that they'd been selected as a Wild Card for the Season β9 playoffs. Not only was the Fridays' season not over, the Hades Tigers were on their way to the island for the first game of the postseason.

Initially upset at having to stop partying, the Fridays eventually realised that they'd never been in the postseason before, and that this was the closest they'd yet come to becoming ILB champions.

The first match of the best-of-three went to the Tigers. The Fridays then staged a major upset by winning the second game, with longstanding Fridays player Stevenson Heat pitching the game of his life. The Fridays, considered to be among the worst-performing teams in the ILB, were one game away from eliminating the Tigers and proceeding into round 2 of the playoffs. After the game, Heat stated in an interview "It's what York would have wanted."

The first seven innings of the third and final game with the Tigers have been described by Fridays fans as the most exciting in the team's history, with the Fridays frequently leading the Tigers by a single run for seven innings. This was followed by a disastrous 8th and 9th innings for pitcher James Mora, which saw the Tigers winning the game 10-5.

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