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The Canada Artists were a team that competed in Ultra League Blaseball and Internet League Blaseball. The team joined the league on The First Day (1st Edition), and competed until being incinerated on Day 3 of Season D.

During the Season B elections, Parker MacMillan Roamed to the Artists.

On day 187 of Season C, the Artists played the Charleston Shoe Thieves in Night weather. During this game, pitcher Megan Ito traded their Metaphorical Golden Necklace for Wilkerson Ramos's Ambitious Arm Cannon of the Famine via their Trader modification, and later in the game the Ambitious Arm Cannon of the Famine broke. Though it is unknown at this time which team won this game, Shame did occur.

The Artists hold one championship win. The time at which this win was earned has never been explicitly stated at any time. However, they could only have won during Seasons A, B, or C, as they were incinerated early in Season D and therefore could not have made it to the postseason. Season B is confirmed to have been won by the Crabs, and the Alaskan Immortals, who have a championship win, were incinerated early in Season C, and therefore must have won during Season A. Therefore, the Artists must have won the Season C Internet Series.

The Artists exited the Hall of Flame when it was left unattended by the Monitor during Latesiesta of Season β24. Notably, the Artists had no players at this time, as Agan Espinoza, the only player incinerated with the team, had been transferred to the New York Millennials after playing for the Rising Stars in the ILB Semi-Centennial game. Nonetheless, the team itself left the Hall and was nullified by the Black Hole (Black Hole), within which it is currently located.

Notable Events


In the Season C Election, Parker MacMillan left the Artists, which, due to MacMillan's  Firewalker modification, caused the team to become  Unstable going into the first week of Season D.

On Day 3 of Season D, the Artists were playing against the Maryland Squirrels under a Solar Eclipse. In the top of the first inning, shortly after Artists batter Slosh Eckhardt stepped up to the plate, a Rogue Umpire incinerated the Artists. However, unlike in the case of the Immortals the previous season, one of the Artists' players – Agan Espinoza – had the  Fire Protector modification, allowing Espinoza to save their teammates from the incineration. As a result, Espinoza was the only player to be incinerated with the team – the other players being transferred over to the Artists' replacement, the Topeka Moist Talkers. The Moist Talkers went on to lose the game against the Squirrels 3 to 9.

These events were chronicled by Lōotcrates in the Library volume "A Save".[1]


Lineup Rotation
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