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Season B was the first season of Internet League Blaseball – having been Re-Named from Ultra League Blaseball in the Season A Election – and is the second known season of Blaseball. It is currently not known when the season started, but it concluded on September 5th, 1984. The Baltimore Crabs defeated the Antarctic Fireballs 4 games to 3 to win their first Internet League Blaseball championship.


All known events from Season B are only available via The Library in the following volumes:

Season Leaders

During the Pre-History I era, at the end of each Regular Season and prior to the beginning of the Postseason, the top 5 statistical Leaders in select categories would be announced, followed by 5 MVPs.

Season B's Leaders were:[1]


In the Pre-History I era, the five best performing teams in each Sub-League advanced to the Postseason, seeded by wins. Each series was contested under best-of-seven rules (or first-to-four wins). The winners of the Good League and the Evil League met in the Internet Series.

Compared to Season A, Season B's Postseason worked slightly differently, with the Round 1 winner facing off against the 2nd seed rather than the 1st seed in Round 2, and the 3rd seed facing off against the 1st instead of the 2nd.[2]


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Internet Series
    2 Hawai'i Fridays 4  
4 Oklahoma Heartthrobs 3     5 Boston Flowers 2    
  2 Hawai'i Fridays 2  
5 Boston Flowers 4     Good League
  1 Baltimore Crabs 4    
1 Baltimore Crabs 4
  3 Wyoming Dolphins 1  
    GL Baltimore Crabs 4
  EL Antarctic Fireballs 3
    2 Antarctic Fireballs 4    
4 Phoenix Trunks 4     5 Phoenix Trunks 2    
  2 Antarctic Fireballs 4
5 Alaskan Immortals 0     Evil League
  1 Oregon Psychics 3  
1 Oregon Psychics 4
  3 San Diego Saltines 2  

Election Results

While most of the results of Season B's Election have not yet been revealed, it is known that, due to Parker MacMillan's Non-Profit modification preventing the Coin from earning snack payouts from him, the Alaskan Immortals voted to Revoke MacMillan, resulting in the team becoming Unstable going into the first week of Season C thanks to MacMillan's Firewalker mod. This Instability would, on Day 8 of Season C, lead to the team's incineration at the hands of a Rogue Umpire.[3][4]


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