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The Library is a collection of Texts introduced in Season β18, accessible under the League tab on It details events occuring before The Return alongside retellings of events from The Discipline Era. Each Volume is divided into various Chapters displaying information through The Feed, much of which is cryptic, redacted, and incomplete. The Library is supervised by the League Historian, Lōotcrates.



The Library was first seen in the Season β17 Election Ballot as one of six possible Decrees, and was described as with the line "Reveal the Ancient Histories of Blaseball". During the Season 17 Election, it won alongside Smithy and Fairgrounds:

  • Library passed with 5,052,306 Votes, 56% of all Decree Votes

Following this, Lōotcrates spoke on the outcome of the Election:

"The Stacks Remember
Prized Fights in the Midway
Keepsakes Reforged."
"Grand Openings."

The Library was then introduced in Season β18, where the only Chapter available was The First Day, 1st Edition under Pre-History I. Over the following Seasons, more Chapters were revealed at unpredictable intervals. Additionally, if an entry relating to a previously unknown Team — such as the Alaskan Immortals — was revealed, that Team would then be revealed where it was previously hidden. This lead to the introduction of a new tab under the Hall of Flame page, where deceased Teams discovered within the Library could be viewed. Additonally, once a Team was discovered in the Library, their Players would become available in's search bar.

Pickled Herring

Tgb red herring.png

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In Season β21, the Ohio Worms utilised Chorby Soul IV and their  Heavy-Handed Modification to break down the gate at on Day 75, resulting in Pickled Herring being released from behind it. This was commented on by The Monitor:

something smells fishy
my favorite
how did you know
good hunch

Following this, all redacted feed events — both in and outside of the Library — gained a new button, allowing Fans to Upscale them with Pickled Herring. These Herring could be gained by Upshelling events pertaining to The Investigation. If a redacted events reached 1000 Upscales, it was unredacted. Due to the fact that there were a limited number of events relating to The Investigation (8 from Uncle Plasma, 8 from Liquid Friend), Herring were in limited supply. This was mitigated to a degree by the introduction of new Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend Replicas, who generated between 0 and 3 new Investigation events each. Additionally, Wyatt Mason IV would generate 1 Investigation event after echoing the  Hard Boiled modification. Herring would become more easily available when, during the Season β22 Latesiesta#Season 22, the Monitor appeared to announce the addition of Herring to Concessions for 10,000 Coins each and with the tagline "Go Fish".

oh hey
you like seafood
gotta offload this herring
before it goes bad
fish is on the menu

During the Short Circuits Herring, alongside all other Concessions, were removed. Additonally, the option to Upscale was removed, meaning events could no longer be unredacted. Events that had already been unredacted were not affected.



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Root contains 3 Chapters, 2 of which are unlocked. It was first made accessible to Fans during Season β23 on July 23, 2021, after The First Day, Zeroth Edition and An Ascension were unlocked. It details the earliest known parts of Blaseball's history, including the discovery of The Book of Blaseball and the first known wager. The colors of its Chapters bare a strong association to The Reader.

Pre-History I

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Pre-History I contains 20 Chapter, 14 of which are unlocked. It was first made accessible during Season β18 on May 10, 2021, after The First Day, 1st Edition was unlocked. It details Blaseball's first known League, Ultra League Blaseball, which would go on to become Internet League Blaseball as an effect of the CO-OP Decree.[1] In particular, it focuses on Players Parker MacMillan and Megan Ito. During Pre-History I, Parker MacMillan would become Hexed with the  Firewalker Modification,[1] inflict Instability across the league (moving through the  Super Roamin' Modification),[2] and eventually be contained by the Mallorca Whales using The Force Field.[2] Following this,  Trader and  Traitor Megan Ito freed Parker by trading their Metaphorical Sunglasses for Parker's Force Field, indirectly leading to Megan's incineration when Parker left their Team, the Minneapolis Truckers, Unstable. When The Force Field prevented Megan from entering the Hall of Flame after this, they became caught in a state of Superposition between life and death, eventually resulting in them echoing into  Static and being replaced by New Megan Ito.[3] Ultimately, Parker would go on to become  Legendary through unknown means, leaving the League to enter The Vault, and therefore making every Team Unstable. This resulted in an early snap Election where the Reset Decree was passed, ending Pre-History I.[4] Additonally, Pre-History I also saw the first mention of Namerifeht.[5]

Pre-History II

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Pre-History II contains 32 Chapters, of which only 1 is unlocked. It was first made accessible during Season β20 on June 20, 2021, after The First Day, 2nd Edition was unlocked. It appears to detail the recreation of Internet League Blaseball after the Reset Decree was passed in Pre-History I. However, there are notable differences. Whilst 5 Bases were placed in Pre-History I, only 4 were placed in Pre-History II. Likewise, Namerifeht refills Sun 1, which they had forged in Pre-History I, instead of creating an entirely new stellar body. Additonally, Teams that had been incinerated in Pre-History I were not resurrected, but teams that were Unstable were stabled.[6]


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Bridge contains 5 Chapters, none of which are unlocked. However, the term 'Bridge' has been mentioned multiple times in various contexts by various entities.


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Discipline contains 31 Chapters, 3 of which are unlocked. It was first made accessible during Season β18 on May 13, 2021, after A Ruby Tuesday was unlocked. It details The Discipline Era, but adds extra context previously not available to Fans. Discipline retells the death and necromancy of Jaylen Hotdogfingers, followed by the events of Ruby Tuesday.[7][8] It also elaborates on the existance of Sun 1, including its creation by Namerifeht, the contribution of Team Incinerations during Pre-Histroy 1 to its increase in pressure, the further pressure contributed by Jaylen Hotdogfingers's Debt, and how Tox Fox's home run during Season β10's Internet Series would increase its pressure enough to cause its collapse into a Black Hole.[9]