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Season E was the fourth season of Internet League Blaseball and the fifth known season of Blaseball. It ran starting from March 1987, though it is not currently known when it ended.


All known events from Season E are only available via The Library in the following volumes:

Notable Events

An Alternate

On Day 13, the Minneapolis Truckers – who were  Unstable at the time for an unknown reason – were facing off against the New York Millennials under a Solar Eclipse. During the game, a Rogue Umpire incinerated the Truckers, sending the team to the Hall of Flame and replacing them with the Boulders Bay Birds.

Truckers player Megan Ito was, at the time, in possession of the Legendary Item known as The Force Field. This item bestowed upon them the  Force modification, preventing them from leaving any Location. As a result of this, when the incineration of their team occurred, their item attempted to Force them to stay both on their Team and in the League – impossible due to their team no longer being in the ILB – catching them in a state of Superposition. Ito then Echoed with themselves 99 times, before finally Echoing out into  Static, dropping The Force Field. They were replaced by a newly-Called Alternate named New Megan Ito, who joined the Birds.

Following the incineration and incident with Megan Ito, the Truckers' Instability chained to the New York Millennials, and the Birds went on to lose the game against the Millennials 4 to 5.

These events were chronicled by Lōotcrates in the Library volume "An Alternate".[1]

Election Results

Following Day 99, Parker MacMillan reached Critical Mass, became Legendary, and was Preserved. As a result of being removed from the ILB, his  Firewalker modification caused all 30 teams in the league to become  Unstable simultaneously. Due to this, a brief emergency Siesta was called, following which the Season E Election was called early, before the scheduled time – this is the only known case in which an Election has been called early. Known results from this snap election are listed below.[2]

"Oscillating Current"


  • Reset passed with 94% of the vote


  • Teamicon birds.png
    • The Boulders Bay Birds Equipped Parker MacMillan with The Force Field.
    • New Megan Ito lost The Force Field.
      • - The Force Field
      • -  Careful
      • -  Force
      • -  Containment
    • Parker MacMillan gained The Force Field.
      • + The Force Field
      • +  Careful
      • +  Force
      • +  Containment

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