Lots of Birds

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Lots of Birds was first observed as a weather condition on Season 3 Day 6. This weather is characterized by lots of birds being on and around the field during play. During a game with the Lots of Birds weather type, the Game Log displays various bird-related occurrences and commentary, which is thought to delay the progression of the game.

History of Weather Effects

On Season 7, Day 63, the Game Log displayed the message "The Birds circle ... they peck Jessica Telephone free!". The modification Shelled was removed from Jessica Telephone and replaced with the modification Superallergic.

On Season 9, Day 1 Seattle Garages game, the Game Log displayed the message "A flock of Crows ambush Summers Pony! They run to safety, resulting in an out." This was the first time weather had ever awarded an out. During a different game between the Breckenridge Jazz Hands and the San Francisco Lovers on the same day, the crows were responsible for the third out of the top of the 12th inning, triggering an anomaly known as Crowvertime, where the Lovers were given 16 outs instead of the normal 3.

Origin of Lots of Birds

Lots of Birds are thought to be the aftermath of Peanut weather, because all of those peanuts attract a lot of birds.[1]

Game Log Text during Lots of Birds

  • Do these birds have souls?
  • The birds are very loud!
  • The birds are paralyzed! They can't move!
  • The birds continue to stare.
  • I hardly think a few birds are going to bring about the end of the world.
  • The birds are mad at you. You specifically. You know who you are.
  • Oh dear Gods...
  • Where did these birds come from?
  • The birds are after the children.
  • They're clearing feathers off the field...
  • These birds hate Blaseball!
  • Have you ever seen this many birds?
  • Several birds are pecking...
  • [Random Number] birds
  • The Birds circle....but do not find what they are looking for
  • The Birds circle ... they peck [Player] free!
  • A flock of Crows ambush [Player]! They run to safety, resulting in an out.

Deshelling Occurrences

When a shelled player is in a game during Lots of Birds weather, there is a small chance for the birds to peck them free. The player will then gain the Superallergic modification. Known instances of deshelling follow:

Season 7 (Total: 1)

63Jessica TelephonePhilly Pies

Season 8 (Total: 1)

47Sexton WheererLA Unlimited Tacos

Season 9 (Total: 1)

103Nagomi McdanielBaltimore Crabs

Season 13 (Total: 1)

105Denzel ScottHouston Spies

  1. The Commissioner [@blaseball] (3 Aug 2020). "somebody should do something about all these peanuts. going to attract pests" (Tweet) - via Twitter.