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Kevin Dudley was a player in the Shadows for the LA Unlimited Tacos, and was with the team from the Season β8 elections until Fall Ball. Dudley has previously played for the Philly Pies and Charleston Shoe Thieves.

Official League Records

Dudley joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Philly Pies with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season β3, Day 57, Dudley swallowed a peanut and had an allergic reaction, resulting in a combined 12.9 8.7 stat decrease. Dudley was traded to the Charleston Shoe Thieves in exchange for Forrest Bookbaby during the Season β3 elections via the Go Away will.

During the Season β5 elections, Dudley's pitching stats were completely randomized from 0.7 1.9 as a result of the Soul Swap blessing.

During the Season β8 elections, Dudley retreated to the Unlimited Tacos' Shadows in exchange for Fitzgerald Wanderlust as a result of the Thief in the Night blessing.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Dudley seems to be a ghost whose appearance resembles a 19th century cowboy.


Controversy and Trade

Following Dudley's peanut reaction, the Pies demoted him to the team water boy. However, due to the nature of his contract, he was still required to pitch for the team.

Additionally, Dudley's trade to the Shoe Thieves allegedly stemmed from his Pies teammates being fed up with his spitting habit.

Career with the Shoe Thieves

Upon being traded to the Shoe Thieves, Dudley was surprised to be given an important role after his shaming as the water boy on the Pies. Despite having approximately zero relevant skills to the profession, Kevin was given Forrest Bookbaby's duties as the team's accountant, though instead of financial data, he tallies the number of shoes stolen by the team. Proud to be entrusted with such a critical position, Dudley has embraced these duties with aplomb and gusto, though not with what one would call mathematical precision. After a game in which the team has pilfered more pairs of shoes than can be counted on Kevin's ethereal fingers and toes, he has been known to issue formal memorandums to team manager Cornelius Games stating, "I reckon we got ourselves a right big heap of shoes tonight, boss." This appears to satisfy Games enough to allow Dudley to continue the job. For his own part, Dudley specializes in stealing boots of all kinds, and his ghostly nature makes him particularly effective at it.

The team, and the team's fans, have embraced Dudley in his role as a member of the rotation. Though on paper his statistics are not significantly better than canine teammate Beasley Gloom, his win record has generally been superior. Kevin attributes this success to incinerated former Shoe Thief, fellow ghost, and pitching coach, Matteo Prestige. "Well Gunther and Beasley are pretty hard fer Coach P to work with, bein' that they don't have thumbs nor real good attention spans. Mr. Games don't need no coaching nohow, and Nega-Snyder don't trust Coach P on account of the one from their reality weren't dead. Says they gives them the willies. Anyhow, I guess that means Coach P has a lot of time to make sure I give it my darnednest, and I ain't gonna let them, Mr. Games, or the Shoe Thieves fans down."

In appreciation of the warm welcome he received from the Shoe Thieves, Dudley has made it his personal mission to ensure that new players feel comfortable on the team. Dudley took it upon himself to find a way to help then-struggling teammate Joe Voorhees recover from a rough reception from both fans and Cornelius Games after his trade from the Moist Talkers for fan favorite Workman Gloom. Dudley is most likely the one who "acquired" the steel-toed boots from a rare earth metals processing plant that were presented to Voorhees for going 30 days without a murder. He is also reported to have been heard saying, "You know Joe, I reckon ice skates are just the knives of the shoe world," a day after which Voorhees temporarily relinquished his "30 Days Murder Free" badge for unrelated reasons.

Since his addition to the team, Richardson Games has regularly been sighted playing poker and chatting with Dudley before games in which Dudley is not pitching. Games frequently appears sporting new boots in post-game interviews. When asked about how he feels about participating in such questionably legal activities, Kevin responded, "What are ya, son, a lawman?"

Sole Swap

At the end of Season 5, Cornelius Games informed the rest of the rotation that they would be joining him on a heist to steal shoes from beyond the grave. Dudley, O'Brian, Gloom, and Briggs all piled into a submarine and were taken to a sunken city that Games would not identify. In the city, the pitchers aided their leader in searching a mysterious peanut-scented void, retrieving from it five pairs of shoes. Games claimed that these were the shoes of deceased former Shoe Thieves Matteo Prestige, Blankenship Fischer, Atlas Jonbois, Sebastian Townsend, and Morrow Doyle. In a ritual known only as the Sole Swap, Games placed the shoes on each of his pitchers (Beasley receiving two pairs due to having 4 feet and Cornelius believing he did not need the help). Games's assessment turned out to only be partially true. Dudley, O'Brian, and Gloom had not previously even been wearing shoes properly (not counting the one O'Brian would occasionally wear on his head), which gave all of them better traction on the pitcher's mound. However, the shoes Briggs received turned out to actually have been formerly owned by Forrest Bookbaby. Whether due to being an alternate version of Briggs or for some other reason, Bookbaby's shoes actually diminished Briggs's pitching abilities. While the others each gained insight and ability from the shoes' previous owners, Bookbaby's shoes were incredibly tight on Briggs's feet, irritating and distracting them.

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