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Case Sports was a lineup player for the Mexico City Wild Wings. Sports was incinerated by a Rogue Umpire on Season β12, Day 79.

Sports was sent to the Wild Wings' shadows as a result of the Season β9 election. Sports was then returned to active play as a part of the verdict of New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III.

Official League Records

Sports joined the ILB on Season β7, Day 107 as a lineup player for the Mexico City Mild Wings, after the incineration of Miguel Wheeler. Sports is also the first new player on the Wild Wings since the start of Blaseball in Season β1.

Season 9

On Season β9, Day 95, Sports suffered an allergic reaction from a stray peanut, which decreased all of their stats by ★ and their pitching by ★½ . At the end of the season Sports was sent to the Wings' Shadows in return for Adkins Gwiffin as a result of the Disappearing Acts blessing. Some time later, Sports was then returned to active play as a part of the verdict of New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III.

Season 12

On Season β12, Day 79, Sports was incinerated and replaced by Roscoe Sundae.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Case Sports is a well-groomed Mexican lawyer and a former member of the Wild Wings Legal Team. They were recruited at a young age by the Blittle League team when they saw their Blaseball potential. They graduated Summa Cum Laude and now are a practicing defense lawyer when not playing Blaseball.

Case Sports is blind, and uses a white cane to navigate in everyday life. They have been assigned a specialized set of hearing aids attuned to the beeping of the ball and bases on the field for active play.

Case Sports can be seen either in a full suit or in their Wild Wings uniform. When they need to swap from one outfit to the other, they simply tear off their current outfit to reveal the needed one underneath. Case Sports spends a lot of money on the tailor. Both outfits have the same hat, a '40s era Sam Splade fedora, and the same shoes, wingtip cleats.

Case Sports is handcuffed to a briefcase which they carry with them at all times. Said briefcase is used as a bat. The contents of the briefcase are unknown, though witnesses have testified that it occasionally chitters and squeaks. Rumors have surfaced that the briefcase contains the remains of one Miguel Wheeler, though this cannot be confirmed. The only thing known for sure about the briefcase is that it has the ability to confirm things with legal at any time.

Case Sports attempts to exude an air of mystery at all times. To aid in protecting their identity, they wear a mask which they have never been seen without. Being a registered lawyer makes them extremely easy to Gloogle, but Sports still tries.

Sports's legal training bleeds into their actions on the field: they yell "Overruled!" every time they get somebody out in the field, and their fans cheer "Sustained!" whenever they get an RBI. Additionally, Sports only steals bases when they have legal justification, though you cannot prove that Sports actually stole the base. Saying so would be defamation of character.


Rumor has it that Case Sports was listening to the pivotal third game of the Mild League Championship Series against the Seattle Garages from their office when star batter Miguel Wheeler was incinerated during his final RBI single. Allegedly, they immediately ran to get permission from Guy Flieri to replace their childhood hero, and once getting permission, walked onto the field and announced "I'm here to represent the plaintiff."

During their first five games in the final two rounds of the playoffs, Sports upheld Wheeler's legacy with a home run, three RBIs, and many incredible defensive plays to help win the Season 7 Internet League Championship. Upon winning, Sports announced that their first case was closed and began to prepare for the next (and their first) season of Blaseball.


Sports seems to be less wild than the rest of the Wings due to their mysterious persona, but actually fits into the team quite well. Whenever Sports gets new cleats, they announce it to the team dramatically, to raucous applause. They are very close with Wings pitcher Burke Gonzales due to their similar senses of humor and calmer personalities.

Sports is asexual and aromantic, and as such has no interest in engaging in any kind of romantic relationship. However, Sports had a lifelong, deeply important friendship with their former bodyguard Fran Beans. The two referred to each other as "platonic soulmates" and were deeply connected.


  • When at bat: Case is on the Case!
  • When on base: Case on Base!
  • Makes an out: Overruled!
  • Scores an RBI: Sustained! :briefcase emoji:
  • Scores: Case closed!

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