Roscoe Sundae

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Roscoe Sundae is a player for the Tokyo Lift, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Sundae has played for the Mexico City Wild Wings.

Official League Records

Sundae joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Mexico City Wild Wings on Season β12, Day 79, after the incineration of Case Sports.

During the Season β16 elections, Sundae retreated to the Wild Wings' Shadows as a result of the Wild Wings' Move will, resulting in a combined 8.5 9.1 stat increase.

During the December 2, 2022 Fall Ball, Sundae fell to the Tokyo Lift.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.



Roscoe Sundae is the twin and older sibling to Ohio Worms player Vessalius Sundae, being born minutes before kais sister. Like q sister Sundae is a shapeshifter, but has a particular affinity for deer and deer-adjacent forms. These include, but are not limited to, a peryton, a deertaur, a deer faun, and a jackalope, but ve is most often encountered as an antlered human. In this form ze may manifest muntjac prongs for everyday practicality, elegant sika forks for a special occasion or even the huge antlers of an Irish Elk to inspire primal dread in an opponent. The latter quickly give zed a sore neck and are said to be “more trouble than they’re worth”.

Joining ILB

After receiving a Bachelor’s of Architecture from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Sundae was quickly hired as an assistant to help with renovations to The Bucket. While performance reviews showed that Sundae’s work was aggressively fine, the habit of filing submissions by shooting them out of a t-shirt cannon was not. Upon expressing a desire to get “closer to the real deal” of The Bucket’s renovations, Sundae was just as quickly added to the short list of back-up players for the Wild Wings. Following the incineration of Wild Wings hitter Case Sports, Sundae was called up as a replacement.

Time on the Wild Wings

Sundae’s stage presence and enthusiasm for showing up to every press event vastly increased the Wild Wings’ popularity. At one press event, Sundae was asked why no records of Sundae could be found prior to graduating UNAM, to which Sundae cheerfully replied that The Moxie Man had a hit out for fayr, and went on to elaborate that kir was once an advertising model and found out Too Much. Video footage of this interview has been viewed more that 190,000 times and has yet to be taken down by the Legal Team. “Roxie the Moxie” has since become a popular fan name and one that Roscoe Sundae actively promotes at all events.


At the end of Season β16, Sundae was swept elsewhere. The misty pine forests of Elsewhere suited saer well, and voh decided not to return immediately. Enjoying the novelty of solitude, zhe instead devoted aer time to surveying the Elsewhere in hopes of finding new innovations for The Bucket. For bureaucratic purposes fie was offically listed as being in the Wings’ shadows, putting lim time on the field on pause.

The experience awakened Sundae’s love of the outdoors. In the forests se found affirmation in xyr shapeshifting and self-reliance. Zie felt the joy of crashing through the underbrush as a fallow deer hind or a roe stag, mastered river-rafting and developed an idiosyncratic style of shelter-building, using organic branching motifs that would reappear frequently in bis later architectural designs. Sundae refers to this period as eir “woodshedding”. It came to an end with the Nullification of the ILB, and the current status of Elsewhere is unknown.

With the Tokyo Lift

Sundae was the sixth player to Fall to the Lift and made an immediate impact as the team’s home-run leader. Sundae was delighted to arrive in Tokyo, having long been fascinated by Metabolist architecture and the ever-adaptable Legscraper itself. Hes loves the city but finds mo can spend only so long in an urban environment before yearning again for the wilderness; Sundae enjoys regular hiking trips and encourages teammates to join hyr on trails that suit their interests and ability. This may mean scaling Mount Fuji with Vernon Cotterpin or a riverside botany walk with Tad Blortles.

Xyr favourite part of being Elsewhere was the rare clear night when zx could lose cetself staring deep into a starry sky. Hir hiking and wild camping is motivated at least in part by a desire to get far enough from the city’s light pollution that ne can recapture that sense of cosmic awe. Katy Hermoso recorded some of thaer astronomical ruminations during a three-night dark-sky trek and has recut them as a short podcast series called What’s Up, With Roscoe Sundae.

Sundae is active in the Tokyo Lift's migrant outreach programme, which offers advocacy and practical support to people new to Japan. Xy is currently studying Japanese immgration law, inspired by the pursuits of zir former team to defend migrants against state agencies. Dae leads a weekly Shapeshifter Yoga class at the Tokyo Fitness Center. Comparing shapeshifting blocks to muscle knots, in encourages fellow shapeshifters to “loosen [their] forms” and “push beyond [their] limits”. Non-shapeshifters are allowed to participate after signing a comprehensive waiver.


  • Sundae most often introduces nymself with the phrase “Roscoe Sundae is Roscoe Sundae!”
  • Official records include a sauce-stained note citing in all caps that thon is “LACTOSE INTOLERANT.”
  • Zae is genderfluid and uses any pronoun.
  • During the early Expansion Era Sundae met regularly with jeir sister Vessalius in Waco, Texas, the halfway point between Mexico City and Ohio.
  • Sundae has not spoken to the Canadian press since an insensitive journalist challenged em to “do a moose” during a post-match interview.