Blittle League

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Blittle League is a Blaseball adjacent splort often played by youth. Blittle League generally has the same rules as Blaseball with the exception of the ground collision box being turned off, eliminating ground outs. Blittle League, being played by smaller entities, takes place on a smaller field with only 69 (nice) feet between blases.

Blittle League Associations

Blittle League Associations (BLA) exist as leagues of Blittle League. There exists numerous Blittle League Associations centered within cities and municipalities. Known BLAs include the New York Blittle League and the Texas Blittle League.

New York Blittle League

The New York Blittle League has numerous teams, with each borough having at least one team. Some of the more well known teams include the Battin' Island Zoomers and the Bronx Stonks.

Texas Blittle League

The Texas Blittle League encompasses Dallas, Houston and adjacent municipalities. Containing a number of teams from across the area, the Texas Blittle League is known as the "Biggest Blittle League This Side of the Texas!", although few truly know what exactly this entails.