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Francisco Preston is a lineup player for the Yellowstone Magic, and has been with the team since Season β1.

Official League Records

Preston joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Yellowstone Magic with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β5 elections, Preston received a combined 12.3 11.4 stat decrease as a result of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Bad Neighbors blessing.

On Season β7, Day 90, Preston swallowed a peanut and had an allergic reaction, resulting in a combined 12.0 7.5 stat decrease.

During the Coffee Cup, Preston played for the Cold Brew Crew as a lineup player.

During the Season β14 elections, Preston's peanut allergy was removed as a result of the Nut Button blessing.

On Season β16, Day 30, Preston became a pitcher due to Reverb.

During the Season β16 elections, Preston retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Melton Telephone as a result of the Magic's Foreshadow will.

During the Season β17 elections, Preston rejoined the Magic's active roster as a result of the Magic's Move will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

During the Season β22 elections, Preston gained the Subtractor modification as a result of the Subtractor Avoidance blessing, and the Negative modification as a result of the Roster Flip blessing.

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Box of Francisco Preston Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-88.615 and start reading...

An Inspiration

Francisco Preston is a middle aged man, currently playing for the Yellowstone Magics. He uses the He/Him pronouns and is the advisor for teen mental health and acceptance for the National Park Services. Preston is also seen as a camp counselor by any spell scouts inhabiting lodging in the park. He's commonly refered to as "Dad" by his fans, due to his tenderhearted personality. Backing this name, Preston gives a 20$ bill to every player on their birthday. He wears work boots at all times, but breaks out his "Specialty" work cleats during games and scrimmages.

During the ParkPark Cleanup initiative Preston cleaned the entirety of mammoth hot springs alongside Bevan Wise, and the two have since become close friends. He describes a sense of pride in being called dad by fans, as he prefers it to his prior familial name. His fans give him a sense of pride, knowing that his influence on the fans is inspiring acceptance.

In the end of post-season 6, Preston helped hold open one side of the 'portal,' the other side held open by Mike Townsend of the Seattle garages. Together they resurrect Jaylen Hotdogfingers, With Mike Townsend taking her place. Preston states "I'm proud of that boy. If I see him again me and em are gonna take a day off alright? And if you see Jaylen, tell her I owe her a few twenties."

Ever since his introduction in season two, Francisco Preston was the Magics star batter lasting until s7. After this new player Annie Roland managed to siphon a full star in their already proficient batting, increasing their batting stars from 3 - 4, surpassing Preston's 3 after suffering an allergic reaction in the same season, reducing his stars considerably.

To comment on this, Preston said "Always had allergies, always will. Can't let this stop me or I wouldn't be a good role model for all the little peanuts at home."

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