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Agan Harrison is a player for the Dallas Steaks, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Harrison has previously played for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands, Chicago Firefighters, Core Mechanics, and Charleston Shoe Thieves.

Official League Records

Harrison joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season β6, Day 64, Harrison siphoned some of Chicago Firefighters pitcher Mullen Peterson's pitching ability in a game with Blooddrain weather.

On Season β12, Day 61, Harrison was exchanged to the Chicago Firefighters due to Feedback. Harrison was replaced by Edric Tosser. During the Season β12 elections, Harrison's pitching stat increased from 1.6 2.4 as a result of the Organ Replacements and Tag Team Pitching blessings.

During the Season β17 elections, Harrison retreated to the Firefighters' Shadows in exchange for Conrad Twelve as a result of the Firefighters' Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 9.2 9.9 stat increase. Harrison's star ratings were then completely randomized as a result of the On Deck blessing, resulting in Harrison becoming an Alternate, and a combined 9.9 9.6 stat decrease.

During the Season β18 elections, Harrison's batting increased from 3.7 5.1 as a result of the Firefighters' Shadow Infuse will. Harrison then gained the Roamin' as a result of the Firefighters' Shadow Revoke will and wandered to the Core Mechanics.

During the Season β19 elections, Harrison joined the Mechanics' active roster in exchange for Bees Taswell as a result of the Mechanics' Foreshadow will, becoming a lineup player in the process. Afterwards, Harrison was recruited to the Charleston Shoe Thieves via the Now Hiring blessing.

During the November 25, 2022 Fall Ball, Harrison fell to the Dallas Steaks.

History and Appearance

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Harrison's appearance, demeanor, performance, and personality are difficult to comment on, as most attempts to think about aspects of Harrison result in a feeling "similar to when your arm falls asleep, but in your brain," as described by fellow Jazz Hands player Stephens Lightner. Harrison's partner, when asked to describe blank, stared blankly into the middle distance for exactly 52 seconds before turning around and reentering their home. Deep, mournful sobbing could be heard coming from the cellar of the Harrison estate for the next 36 hours.

During one semester in college, Harrison subsisted purely on chunky peanut butter, eaten straight from the jar with a wooden spoon. blank is also known for blank love of animals, and frequently volunteers at the Breckenridge Home for Lonely Marmosets.

Role in Instrument Selection Process

Harrison plays an indescribable role in the Jazz Hands' process for players to choose an instrument to play. Details are scarce, as no player to date has remembered any details about the procedure after going through it, and recordings of Harrison's explanations turn to static. What is known is that blank meets players undergoing the process at Bolter's instrument collection outside of town, which contains a version of every known instrument, and more than a few unknown instruments. When they return to Breckenridge, they have an instrument and are capable of playing at least the fundamentals. This suggests that Harrison is capable of teaching others how to play every instrument in the collection, though blank has only ever been recorded playing theremin.

Following Harrison's departure from Breckenridge, the Jazz Hands have found Bolter's instrument collection mysteriously cleaned and re-arranged on several occasions. Notably, several Jazz Hands who joined the team after Harrison's departure were able to easily find their perfect instrument predominantly placed near the entrance of the collection.

Kathy Mathews' investigations into these mysterious events found some evidence the re-arrangements were correlated with times Harrison played against the Jazz Hands, however they were unable to reach a definitive conclusion before their departure to Boston.

Music in Chicago

After Edric Tosser’s abrupt feedback with the Breckenridge Jazz Hands and a hurried goodbye to their team, the firefighter found himself in the Chicago subway, the distant sounds of the city and a single theremin echoing through the tunnels. Edric met Harrison busking on a station corner in the subway system and struck up a conversation with the former Jazz Hand. The details of their conversation as they wandered through the deep tunnels of the subway beneath Chicago are personal to the two players, but both left for their new teams with a better understanding of what they meant to their home cities.

Throughout Harrison’s time in Chicago, the team has noticed many of the small tasks around the Firehouse taken care of seemingly without anyone doing them. The announcement of a Fire House Music Night was met with popular success, even if nobody has claimed credit for creating or hosting the frequent community jam session.

Many people in Chicago now recall a streetcorner busker with an instrument most had never heard before, and an occasional kindly conversation with a face they can’t remember. Some also recall the gentle hand of a firefighter who pulled them from danger, even if they can’t remember the name or number of who rescued them.

When Harrison shares blank music with the team, Wanda Schenn is often known to enjoy blank theremin the most.

Socks Maybe always knows where to find blank, as Socks is also familiar with being misremembered.

During his time on the team, Goobie Ballson always counted Harrison as a friend, as Goobie is friends with everyone regardless of whether or not they can remember them.

Like all of us, blank is from Chicago. blank jersey number is nil.

In the Core

After the conclusion of Season β18, Harrison traveled Down to the Core in search of a device that would help people see and remember blank, and decided to stay in their Shadows. While there, blank was gifted specialized, high-tech tap shoes, which stayed visible when Harrison wore them. Spectators have described these shoes as “incredibly stylish” and “irresistible to any hypothetical shoe thieves.”

Transfer to Charleston

A shoe heist led by Gunther O’Brian found the Charleston Shoe Thieves in the Core, where O’Brian located a pair of tap shoes. They successfully managed to purloin this pair, but unbeknownst to them, Harrison was still wearing the shoes, and as a result joined the lineup of the Thieves. This has been noted as O’Brian’s first successful Shoe Heist, however, some fans have argued that he succeeds in every heist because he has fun.

While on the team, Harrison has put blank forgettable nature to good use, and has pulled off many successful shoe heists. blank has also worked to quietly gift shoes and slippers to others.

Following the heist where O’Brian found Harrison, the two became fast friends. They have been seen (or, rather, one snazzy pair of shoes and a penguin have been seen) visiting parks and going mini golfing. O’Brian has also been seen riding his bike, with Harrison riding in tow in a bike trailer.

Harrison has also been seen spending time with fellow former pitcher Cornelius Games, as well as fellow alternate Snyder Briggs. The three have been seen together at various coffee shops around Charleston.


  • Some dedicated fans of Harrison have come to refer to themselves as "The Agan Gang" or "Agang" for short.

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