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Armor was a class of powerful items used in Blaseball that tremendously increased the defensive abilities of their wielder.

A player was only allowed one piece of armor at a time (similar to Legendary Items), which could be seen in their inventory on their player page.

All armor pieces seen served as protection against the effects of weather and were granted as the result of blessings from the end of a season's elections.

All existing armor was removed at the start of Season 15 with the introduction of the new item system.

List of Armor

Name Wielder Effect Received Former Owner(s)
Fireproof Jacket Declan Suzanne Prevents the wielder from being incinerated. Season 6 Blessing Oliver Mueller
Gravity Boots Steph Weeks Prevents the wielder from being shuffled by Reverb. Season 6 Blessing
Mclaughlin Scorpler's Memorial Fireproof Jacket Jes煤s Koch Prevents the wielder from being incinerated. Season 7 Blessing Mclaughlin Scorpler
Noise-Cancelling Headphones Fourteen active members of the Charleston Shoe Thieves (see below) Prevents the wielder from having their team swapped by Feedback. Season 10 Blessing Mclaughlin Scorpler


Fireproof Jacket

The Fireproof Jacket was first seen as a blessing in Season 5's election, where it was awarded to Hades Tigers hitter Mclaughlin Scorpler. However, Scorpler also won the Noise-Cancelling Headphones immediately after, and because a player may only possess one piece of armor at a time, the Fireproof Jacket briefly vanished. It would later reappear in Season 7's election, now being offered up as Mclaughlin Scorpler's Memorial Fireproof Jacket. It was granted to Jes煤s Koch

Another jacket appeared as a blessing in Season 6's election, this time being granted to Oliver Mueller of the Seattle Garages.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The Noise-Cancelling Headphones were given to Hades Tigers hitter Mclaughlin Scorpler at the end of the Season 5 election. Scorpler had been given the Fireproof Jacket immediately prior and lost it in favor of the Headphones; this is the only known instance of a player losing their armor in favor of another piece of armor. Scorpler still has his Headphones, even in retirement.

Later, as a result of the Season 10 Elections, the Charleston Shoe Thieves all received individual Noise-Cancelling Headphones. The fourteen players are: Blood Hamburger, Cornelius Games, Esme Ramsey, Fitzgerald Wanderlust, Gunther O'Brian, Hotbox Sato, Howell Franklin, Richardson Games, Sebastian Woodman, Simon Haley, Snyder Briggs, Stu Trololol, and unfortunately, Tillman Henderson.

Gravity Boots

In Season 6, Breckenridge Jazz Hands hitter Steph Weeks was given the Gravity Boots as the result of a blessing of the same name.