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NaN was a player for the Ohio Worms, and was with the team from Fall Ball until being Alternated and replaced by a player from the Static. NaN has played for the Houston Spies, Mexico City Wild Wings, Hawai'i Fridays, New York Millennials, Chicago Firefighters, Hades Tigers, San Francisco Lovers, Boston Flowers, LA Unlimited Tacos, Kansas City Breath Mints, and Philly Pies.

NaN became the center of an unexplained phenomenon at the end of Season β3, when all Tacos players came to bear NaN's previous name, Wyatt Mason. This event is a significant chapter of league history called The Wyatt Masoning.

From Season 1, NaN was a middling hitter for the Tacos, but since suffering two allergic reactions in Season 3, they became one of the team's worst batters, as well as one of the worst players in the entire league.

NaN was formerly the only player with a mononym rather than a first and last name, until GM joined the league during The Coffee Cup.

Official League Records


NaN joined the league as a lineup player for the Los Angeles Tacos with the Return of Blaseball, under the name Wyatt Mason.

Double Allergic Reactions

NaN was the first player on the team to swallow a stray peanut, in a game against the Boston Flowers on Season 3 Day 50. Though the Tacos would go on to win the game 6-2, NaN suffered an allergic reaction, dropping them from their original rating of two stars to . This made them the new worst hitter on the team, taking the title from Taiga Quitter.

Quitter then suffered an allergic reaction on Season 3 Day 63, once again making Quitter the worst hitter.

However, NaN swallowed yet another peanut on Season 3 Day 64 and had another allergic reaction. Their star rating remained at and it is now undetermined if NaN or Quitter is a worse hitter.

The Wyatt Masoning

Immediately following the Season 3 election, the entire Tacos roster was named Wyatt Mason.

Upon passing of the Interviews decree at the end of Season 3, spacetime tore over Los Angeles and the infinite cit(ies) was/were revealed due to the ongoing aftereffects of The Grand Unslam. In the aftermath of this event, it was quickly discovered that all players of the (newly renamed) Unlimited Tacos bore the same name as NaN at the time: "Wyatt Mason." Fans came to call this event The Wyatt Masoning.

Within hours, Umpire Chaff spoke directly to Tacos fans and said:


Later statements from The Commissioner confirmed this to be an unintended occurrence, stating that "the League is looking into the situation in Los Angeles."[2] However, said situation may have been referring to much bigger problems at the time.

The Unmasoning

During the Grand Siesta, league officials engaged in a semi-successful attempt at repairing the Wyatt Masoning in an event known as The Unmasoning. This process involved "localizing" each player's "frequency," in the words of The Commissioner.

The then-named Wyatt Mason was the final Tacos player to undergo frequency-localizing. Rather than displaying a frequency number like every Tacos player who had previously experienced name repairs, Mason was given the designation NaN—most likely short for the computing term, Not a Number, which indicates a value that is missing or unrepresentable. It is possible that NaN's frequency is either non-existent or astronomically large. It is unknown what form of existence NaN takes; human, glitch, or otherwise.

Upon this result, The Commissioner remarked on this information by saying, "wait"[3] and then ending all frequency-localizing with the alert, "FEEDBACK DETECTED." This may indicate that NaN was the "Feedback" error itself that caused the Tacos' name changes, rather than the incident being purely external. It is possible NaN has some impact or part in the weather, Feedback.

Ultimately, the original Wyatt Mason came to be named NaN as a result of the localizing; an outcome that was deemed "Good Enough" by league officials.[4]

Several fans have speculated that The Microphone contains the voice of the original Wyatt Mason, based on The Microphone's sudden appearance as a direct reaction to The Unmasoning, as well as the mysterious account's repetition of the word "Wyatt."


When Idols were introduced in Season β6, NaN shot to slot 7 on the list of most idolized players - making them not only the sole Tacos player to chart, but also by far the player with the lowest stats on the list despite being in the top 10.


On Season β7, Day 23, NaN siphoned some of San Francisco Lovers lineup player Helga Moreno's hitting ability in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from 1 2 .

Pregame Ritual Changes

At the conclusion of Season 8, NaN was 11th on the Idol leaderboard, in a Feedback position. NaN received the modifications Receiver and Flickering, and their Ritual changed in quick succession:

hi friends
it is Wyatt
I have a plan

During the Season β9 Preseason, NaN's Ritual changed twice more:

Time for Phase Two

The ritual then returned back to "I have a plan".

Immediately after Season 9, Day X, their Pregame Ritual changed to:

Have Hope

where it has remained since.

Season 9 Feedback Swaps

As a result of the Flickering modification, NaN joined the Houston Spies (swapped with Valentine Games) on Day 6, then the Mexico City Wild Wings (swapped with Sosa Hayes) on Day 7, then the San Francisco Lovers (swapped with Kennedy Meh) on Day 98.

Coffee Cup

During the Coffee Cup, NaN played for the Cold Brew Crew as a lineup player.

Season 12

On Season β12, Day 31, NaN was exchanged to the Hawai'i Fridays due to Feedback. NaN was replaced by Fletcher Yamamoto. NaN was again exchanged by Feedback on Season 12, Day 50, this time to the New York Millennials, and replaced by Bates Bentley. On Season 12, Day 57, a feedback swap was initiated to the Charleston Shoe Thieves, but prevented due to Hotbox Sato's Noise-Cancelling Headphones, resulting in NaN being tangled in the Flicker.

Season 13

NaN was traded to the Chicago Firefighters in exchange for Peanut Holloway during the Season β13 elections via the Millennials' Exchange will. NaN was then immediately traded to the Ohio Worms and became a pitcher in exchange for Wanda Schenn via the Worms' Exchange will.

Season 14

On Season β14, Day 67, NaN was exchanged to the Chicago Firefighters due to Feedback. NaN was replaced by Rivers Rosa. Later that season, on Day 79, NaN was exchanged to the Hades Tigers due to Feedback. NaN was replaced by Dunlap Figueroa. While playing for the Tigers, NaN pitched their first playoff game against the Tokyo Lift, which the Tigers won 4-2 in a Shaming. They also pitched versus one of their namesakes in the semi-finals, the LA Unlimited Tacos' Wyatt Mason IV. During the Season β14 elections, NaN was traded to the San Francisco Lovers in exchange for Gabriel Griffith as a result of the Exchange Will.

Season 15

On Season β15, Day 37, Seattle Garages hitter Wyatt Mason X attempted to Echo NaN, resulting in NaN's Receiver modification being replaced by Echo.

During the Season β15 elections, NaN retreated to the Lovers' Shadows in exchange for Helga Burton as a result of the Lovers' Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 5.1 5.8 stat increase.

Season 18

During the Season β18 elections, NaN rejoined the Lovers' active roster as a result of the Lovers' Move will, becoming a lineup player in the process. NaN was then granted the Roamin' modification via the Lovers' Shadow Revoke will and roamed to the Boston Flowers.

Season 19

During the Season β19 elections, NaN wandered to the Unlimited Tacos due to the Roamin' modification.

Season 20

During the Season β20 elections, NaN retreated to the Tacos' Shadows as a result of the Tacos' Move will.

Season 21

During the Season β21 elections, NaN gained the On an Odyssey modification as a result of the Tacos' Shadow Revoke will, and wandered to the Kansas City Breath Mints.

Season 23

During the Season β23 elections, NaN roamed to the Shadows of the Philly Pies as a result of the On an Odyssey modification.

Fall Ball

During the October 28, 2022 Fall Ball, NaN fell to the Ohio Worms.

On January 9, 2023, upon the reopening of the site, it was revealed that, being a Receiver who fell to an Entangled team, NaN had been alternated and subsequently replaced with Static charge Nathaniel Wilds.

Background as Wyatt Mason

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

As often seen on the Unlimited Tacos, Al Pastor often tricked those looking to join Kickball leagues into joining his team. Wyatt comes from a dynasty of prodigious Kickball players and their unexpected entry into the Blaseball league caused significant tension between them and the extended Mason family.

League Career

Wyatt's calves are their most notable feature as a result of years spent sculpting them into perfect Kickball form. Because of this, Wyatt has attempted to forego the use of a bat altogether and instead kick the blaseball with their formidable legs. While this is not technically against the rules, this practice was ineffective to the point that manager Al Pastor politely discouraged it in future games.

At 14, Wyatt is one of the youngest players in the league. They are known for chafing against some of the more formal rules of Blaseball and have been warned multiple times for bad word usage. If this behavior continues, they risk not only expulsion from the league but also being grounded by their dad.[5]

Background as NaN

After the events of the Unmasoning, Wyatt Mason's physical body appears to have been replaced by a void in physical space that bears the rough shape and general personality of Wyatt Mason. It is presumed that this was simply a radical change in form, not altogether unknown in the world of blaseball, however physicist and Mexico City Wild Wings pitcher Burke Gonzales has theorized that the being known as NaN may in fact be an independent entity; the space in reality that was left behind after the original Wyatt Mason.

Regardless, NaN has continued to play to the best of their ability. This has been met with somewhat mixed success as their presence in reality is occasionally inconsistent. Their body seems to gain or lose physical coherence in accordance with NaN’s mental state.

During Season 6 NaN celebrated what would have been Wyatt Mason's 15th Birthday. However due to the unusual nature of NaN's physical form and the strange passage of time in the Infinite Los Angeli, the team decided to decorate NaN's cake with an infinity candle.

After the conclusion of Season 8 NaN has forged a connection with the The Microphone and has taken their new Flickering and Receiver traits as a sign that they must go on a journey to find themself.


Houston Spies

After being possessed by The Microphone, NaN resolved to find answers about what was happening to them. The Houston Spies visiting Los Angeli to play against the Tacos provided the perfect opportunity to touch base with members of the Spies, known for their detailed dossiers—including the possibility of more information on the mysterious "Wyatt." NaN's newfound flickering and Receiver role caught the attention of the Spies' upper management. During the seventh-inning stretch of Game 6, NaN's intense flickering (allegedly brought on by the interference of several Spies agents who were spotted meddling with some kind of transponder in the dugout), caught the attention of the Spies, who offered to help them in their search for answers in exchange for the excellent research opportunity NaN provided. Valentine Games immediately volunteered to swap to the Tacos in their stead, reciting a poem about "new horizons" and "delicious tacos" that left most of the team nonplussed but teary-eyed.

Aided by fellow curious Spies, including Malik Romayne (who had also joined the Spies to research alternate dimensions in search of their original spouse), fellow shadowperson (and reluctant but ultimately helpful mentor) Fitzgerald Blackburn, Math Velazquez (who assured them of their welcome with the Spies despite their nonnumerical status), and Son Scotch, their little brother (NaN doesn't remember having another sibling in the Mason Kickball Dynasty that also took up Blaseball, but why question it? They're siblings!), NaN devoted their brief time with the Spies to learning everything they could. The Spies seemed very friendly, and equally interested in NaN, for reasons unstated but probably altruistic and straightforward. In turn, NaN shared some of their information on alternate dimensions with Math and Malik, both of whom have a vested personal interest in the concept.

After less than one game with the Spies, it was time for NaN to move on. They left laden with gifts (among them a Spies standard-issue trenchcoat and fedora, a magnifying glass, and, from Math, a souped-up compass and the suggestion that, if anything happens, Nan "simply draw a circle in the air and Math will be there."), secret handshakes, memories, and the assurance that the Spies are looking into Blaseball's strange phenomena.

Mexico City Wild Wings

Armed with their new spy gear, NaN set out on the next leg of their journey. When playing a game against the Wings, NaN became aware of their stadium seeming to have a strange protection against weather events, and realizing that their flickering seemed to worsen under feedback weather, they wanted to see if The Bucket had any insight on the strange phenomenon.

Before the game, NaN and Son Scotch were playing some video games, and they invited Sosa Hayes to join. Sosa Hayes ended up liking the games so much that he was willing to stay as NaN continued on their journey.

Burke Gonzales allowed NaN to stay in his apartment with Joshua Watson, as there was room now that Sosa had left. Burke and the rest of the team were very sad about losing Sosa due to them rarely experiencing roster changes, but they began to bond with NaN.

During their journey, NaN was instructed to continue their studies by their dad. Case Sports took the opportunity to teach NaN about the law and helped them learn Spanish, as well as learning Spanish braille. Burke and Rafael Davids attempt to teach NaN advanced science, although they seemed to not fully understand it.

NaN also did other activities with the team. For example, they took NaN to the zoo to see the red pandas, and they sat around the campfire and ate spicy wings, giving NaN the recipe to take back to Los Angeli. In addition to this, Rafael decided to share one of his favorite beverages with the new team member: a beverage simply known as “Pitching Juice.” It was later revealed that this concoction was made from hot sauce and warm milk, which was then either carbonated or mixed with sparkling water. Despite most of the team warning them that the beverage is terrible, NaN seemed to love the spicy milk, allowing them to bond with Rafael.

Eventually, at the last minute, NaN knew that they had to leave. They tried to put it off as long as possible, but they knew they would eventually have to leave Mexico City and continue their journey. The Wings gave them a few souvenirs for the road, including some wings hot sauce, a sauce recipe, and a whole lot of spicy milk.

San Francisco Lovers

NaN, having learned a sufficient amount of information on their journey, decided to return home to Los Angeli, and thus they decided to stay with the San Francisco Lovers for a few days since it was in the same state. However, upon many of their closest friends being taken by the Shelled One, they realized that they had to complete their journey.

As a result of the events of Day X in Season β9, this leg of their journey became focused on self betterment and training. Upon hearing this, Knight Triumphant decided that it could be a quest of sorts, and the other members of the team, with Theo King leading the charge, put together a squire outfit for NaN.

Each member of the team trained NaN in different ways. Their training began with Knight Triumphant, who worked to teach them about blaseball, yet their true intention was to help them learn about their strengths and weaknesses. NaN took a mentor role in their next lesson, teaching Ortiz Lopez how to play kickball, which was one of NaN’s favorite activities prior to their entry into the ILB. This did not go well, as Ortiz’s heels ended up popping many of the kickballs.

Parker Meng taught NaN lessons on how to be charming and suave, although Parker, accustomed to using her charm on ILB’s many eligible ladies, had to adjust her teaching style. She eventually gave up on getting NaN a date and instead gave them the assignment of making strangers smile. They also talked with Theo about gender, as their identity had been somewhat confusing to them after the events of Season 3. In addition to this, the Helgas, Helga Burton and Helga Moreno, taught NaN a lesson about self acceptance and identity, helping them learn to accept the changes that have occurred in their life since the Grand Unslam and its aftermath.

Milo Brown taught NaN about friendship, and how to show affection before it’s too late. Milo taught them that it’s okay to show affection, and that they aren’t hurting their friends by being close with them.

Percival Wheeler taught NaN about courage by taking them to an amusement park and riding all the biggest and fastest roller coasters. Her greatest contribution was to teach NaN that courage isn't being fearless, but doing things even when you are afraid.

Don Mitchell took NaN to rob a bank. Considering that NaN is anticapitalist, they were okay with this. Their tendency to glitch-out electronics came in handy as they were able to cause interference with the security cameras.

Finally, NaN visited Yosh Carpenter. It was here that they received one of their souvenirs: a functional wooden heart that pumps pure love. In addition to this, Yosh and the Batsmith helped NaN create their very own swordbat.

When NaN wasn’t training they could be found playing games and genuinely having a lovely time doing what they loved with people who loved and cared for them. They spent many pleasant days with The Lovers, thinking of them all as close family and friends over time.

On Season β12, Day 31, Knight Triumphant, having partied a little too hard the previous night, had lost their favored blaseball bat. Triumphant, busy devising strategy for the day’s blaseball game against the Hawai'i Fridays, asked NaN to find it for them. After having explored what felt like the entirety of The PolyHedron they arrived in the PolyArmory.

Sticking out from a stone was a fancy looking swordbat which NaN unsheathed from the stone with ease. Triumphant, wondering what had taken their protégé so long, stood in shock and awe as NaN proudly declared, “Sorry I took so long Ser Knight! I found this really rad looking swordbat for you to use!” Triumphant remained silent for a moment, still in shock, before they uttered, “That’s not my bat, young squire.” NaN’s look could only be described as “defeated” as they stared at the ground apologizing profusely to their mentor as they explained that they tried their best and looked everywhere for Triumphant’s bat. Triumphant cut them off mid-apology to clarify, "No, you misunderstand me, this is YOUR bat NaN. It has chosen YOU."

Triumphant, knew their time with NaN would soon be coming to a close. They imparted one last piece of knowledge to their squire, the prophecy of Excalibat. The prophecy warned that when the swordbat was pulled from the stone it would be a sign of great darkness on the horizon but it also foretold of the wielder, the “Chosen One”, who would become a beacon of love and hope for others in the coming darkness.

Later, during their regularly scheduled Blaseball game, an unexpected Feedback weather occurred between NaN and Fletcher Yamamoto. When asked how they felt about losing their squire, Triumphant only had this to say “Their quest is complete, they are a squire no more, today they begin their adventure as a hero whether they know it or not.”

Hawai’i Fridays

After Jaylen Hotdogfingers feedbacked away from the Lovers, NaN was worried about losing their mentor. However, Jaylen told them that her training with them had reached completion, and that they needed to find a new mentor: a champion batter. Thus, now armed with the Excalibat, they went to Hawai’i in hopes of meeting Nagomi McDaniel.

NaN arrived right after the departure of Fridays captain Fletcher Yamamoto. It is said that when Fletcher and NaN swapped in the feedback, Fletcher’s hat passed through NaN and became multiple, tiny hats, which were passed on to the next captains. Despite this, the sudden loss of the team’s long-time captain made NaN feel like they had a large role to fill. Instead, however, the Fridays offered them a chance to relax. They taught NaN that they don’t need to try and be the hero every day—that sometimes it’s more healthy to take a break and simply vibe.

After NaN realized this, they took some time to meet the members of the team and enjoy living on island time.

Nagomi McDaniel was very glad to see NaN, as NaN was around the same age as her son, York Silk, had been upon his departure from the Fridays. Nagomi, missing her son, took care of NaN in the same way that she took care of York, even to a fault. NaN could see that she had been through many difficult times—the fallout of the PODS had an incredible negative impact on her—so they used this opportunity to help Nagomi with some tips that they learned from the Lovers: “If you love someone, let them go.”

NaN found themself getting along well with the other team members, and enjoyed being back by the ocean. They took time to hike with the team, find secret beaches, and even try to learn to surf. They also made sure to visit the snack bar for Fletcher and enjoy some spam musubi.

However, the feedback called, and NaN soon realized that their journey must continue. Thus, when the opportunity arose, NaN continued their world tour by visiting New York. They left Hawai’i with a brand new floral print button-up and a cool pair of sunglasses, reminding them to go with the flow and always keep the vibes afloat.

New York Millennials

After leaving Hawai’i, NaN arrived in New York City ready to play for the New York Millennials. The team quickly took a liking to NaN, even offering them Bates Bentley's room in the apartment, now vacant thanks to the feedback swap.

NaN enjoyed meeting everyone on the team, and the team was happy to see that NaN’s glitchiness broke the landlord’s computing system, allowing them a break from rent. Fynn Doyle and NaN talked about ████████, and Andrew Solis asked NaN how the Spies were doing (to which NaN couldn’t give a definite answer, both because of their short time in Houston and because of the Spies’ secretive nature.) NaN also learned new skills on this leg of their journey, including magic lessons from Nandy Fantastic and a rock skipping tutorial from Ren Hunter. NaN enjoyed playing with Millie and was impressed by Patty Fox and Sandie Turner’s blagonballs. Alejandro Leaf and NaN reunited and made Vlines together, and NaN showed Schneider Bendie Undlertale. However, NaN was most excited to meet Thomas Dracaena, both for his fame in the league and his reputation as a number-crime aficionado. Dracaena was just as happy to meet NaN, and he even scored a home run in their first game together. Dracaena took NaN on a tour of New York on his Actual Airplane, which they then decorated with various stickers from their journey.

Outside of blaseball, NaN got to experience all New York had to offer. For example, they got to go to many restaurants and cafes with the team, and were even able to sign the wall at Flive Points. They even picked up a side hustle while in New York: A Capella EDM kickball. Needless to say, NaN wasn’t fond of the idea of leaving, especially after what happened when they tried to swap with Hotbox Sato and became suddenly tangled in reality’s flickering as a result. However, when day 14 arrived, NaN knew that they had to move on once again. For this last game, the team decided to really make it count, getting as many runs as possible for NaN; this gesture resonated enough with NaN that they decided to stay in New York for another season.

As the day of NaN’s departure approached, Bendie saw NaN beneath a banner reading “Youth Will Save Us” and realized that it was a prophecy--the Coin had always been about maximizing numbers, but NaN is not a number. Both Theodore Cervantes and Thomas Dracaena agreed with this, hoping that NaN could be the one to take down the Coin. Cervantes, in particular, gave an ominous warning:


Each of the team members gave them a parting lesson: Solis taught them about the material plane, Felix Garbage taught them to always be ready to learn, Penelope Mathews told them to ‘stop and smell the roses’ sometimes, Fantastic advised them to view the world as their stage, and Hunter told them that wherever they end up is the right place.

NaN boarded the subway to the Wild league with Alejandro Leaf, carrying with them many souvenirs; such as a treasure map from Charlatan Seabright, Patty Fox’s secret sauce recipe, temporary tattoos from Hatfield Suzuki, a case file about the Grand Unslam from Uncle Plasma, and the recipe for an LGMBLDM sandwich from Sandie Turner. As NaN boarded the subway to Chicago, one last Millennial greeted them, giving them a pocket knife with a leaf carved into it, before the figure lit a cigar and disappeared into the distance.

Ohio Worms

NaN set off for Chicago after leaving the Millennials- however, they didn’t notice that their train ticket was actually for Ohio. Despite this change of plans, NaN adapted well and was able to play with the Worms.

NaN was welcomed to Ohio with open arms. Ephraim Ladd and Scratch Deleuze made sure NaN was safe and ensured that they were taken care of, for example. Loubert Ji-Eun, Cantus Hojo, and a few others also worked together with NaN to create music, as NaN’s unique glitchiness was useful in gathering samples. With the help of Ji-Eun, NaN discovered that it is possible for them to receive and transmit normal radio signals. It was believed that if NaN received a message from the microphone this way, Ji-Eun could potentially use the signals for music. In addition to this, they were able to convert NaN’s glitches to act like an audio visualizer. NaN also got to experience secret parts of Ohio by going urban exploring with Kaz Fiasco. However, NaN was especially excited to reunite with Pitching Machine. While NaN had always considered Pitching Machine to be more than just a machine (even when it was just a machine,) Pitching Machine had now learned sign language and could communicate with NaN. However, as a result of becoming Uncertain, Pitching Machine began to question its own existence more. NaN was able to help Pitching Machine on this front, as they themselves had dealt with the question of existence since Season 3. After this, Pitching Machine took the time to teach NaN to pitch, as NaN’s only prior pitching experience was in watching Wyatt Dovenpart practice quantum curveballs.

NaN also got to visit Augusta Chadwell’s Academy for Composting and the Advancement of Splorts, which really resonated with them - if anyone understood what it was like to be bad at blaseball, it was NaN. The team helped them in more ways than just this. For example, they taught NaN the “way of the dirt” with things like mud bath relaxations.

As latesiesta approached, the feedback called to NaN once again, leading them to Chicago. Before they left, they were given a few souvenirs from the team - the highlights being a space suit helmet and a jetpack that shoots ones and zeroes.

Chicago Firefighters

NaN was called to leave Ohio as the worms continued to build their PsychoAcoustics system. They also heard the Call from Mx. Chicago, but they could not guarantee a life of protecting Chicago, as they would likely be moving more on their journey.

However, the loss of Rivers Rosa to the Worms was an emotional blow to many members of the Firefighters, and thus NaN was not welcomed by everyone equally at first. Even still, they soon bonded with Gita Sparrow and Wanda Schenn, the two newest members of the Chicago Firefighters, as they did not know Rosa as well as the rest of the team and were not hit as hard by her departure.

After a while, the rest of the team warmed up to them. Socks Maybe seemed to be rather confused by NaN’s appearance, but she too soon befriended NaN, liking to rest in their lap.

Goobie Ballson and Kennedy Rodgers also got to befriend NaN. Ballson taught them a little bit about Ska music, and Rodgers taught them about mechanical engineering, even making them a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. (These headphones did not cancel feedback, but they were still a nice gift.) They also spent some time playing video games with Declan Suzanne, bonding over the shared experience of having terrible luck in peanut weather.

NaN left Chicago with a Douglas bobblehead, a bottle of alcohol-free Royal Crown Malort, a firehat, and a lot of cat hair.

Hades Tigers

After spending some time in Chicago, NaN decided they wanted to try and search for the static Wyatts Mason after the s14 Latesiesta and subsequent events. For this reason, they traveled to the underworld to begin their search.

When the swap occurred, Dunlap Figueroa, set to join the Firefighters in place of NaN, notably pitched for both teams for the remainder of the game. NaN wanted to help and pitch for the Tigers, but Figueroa reassured NaN that they could handle this on their own.

NaN was welcomed to Hades with open arms, despite their lackluster ability as a pitcher. The team also had one-word tips for NaN, different for each member.

- Famous Owens: “Improvise!”

- Hiroto Wilcox: “Strategise!”

- Zion Aliciakeyes: “Mechanise!”

- Aldon Cashmoney: “Diversify!”

- Randy Castillo: “Do your best, kiddo.”

- Usurper Violet: “Antagonise!”

- Nicholas Mora: “...What, you expect me to meet some format and structure just to keep a joke running its course, like some kind of circus monke-“

- Matteo Triumphant: “Maximise!”

After seeing the sudden disappearance of the Wyatts, NaN was, of course, hoping to find them. While Hades is not the Hall, their connection through the Ambush meant that it was possible to check- something Ren Morin promised to do for NaN.

While in Hades, NaN got a reserved seat in the Sixth Circle Stadium. In addition to this, they happened to meet the actual Hades, who was very confused by the encounter, as it is impossible to apply rules and deals to someone like NaN.

The Tigers sent them off with a few souvenirs. Firstly, they got a jacket with patches and the signatures of each member of the team, following their “once a stripe, always a stripe” philosophy. They also received a pouch of coins to give to the ferryman at the River Styx in case they ever wanted to return. Finally, the Tigers taught them how to materialize cat ears and a tail, which they can now do at will.

Return to San Francisco Lovers

The stressful environment of blaseball had finally started to take a toll on NaN, and after spending 10+ years with the Lovers, they knew they had a home to go back to when it all became too much.

On their journey, they had been swapped around a lot, and it appeared that the Fans didn’t want them- they weren’t valuable enough or a good enough player. This was hard on them. However, the Lovers never had those expectations for them, and they remembered that. The Lovers had given them a home- and so they returned. Because of their previous experiences, they were surprised to find that the Lovers actually wanted to keep them around.

NaN came back expecting to see the team as they’d left it- however, Knight was now gone, and the team’s dynamic had shifted dramatically with the addition of several new members. Despite this, NaN once again warmed up to the team, because even if they weren’t all the same people they had known before, they were still the Lovers.

Because of the recent occurrences of static, as well as their constant team-swapping, NaN decided to take a break in the Lovers’ shadows. During this time, their most important goal was simply to have fun- to enjoy being the kid they still were instead of trying to be a hero. They also took the time to train, learn more about their newfound ability to echo, and above all, learn more about themself and their identity.

However, their time off was short lived, as they soon realized that, despite everything, they were still someone with a difference to make in the world. And so they left the shadows, excalibat in hand, ready to take on the world in the second leg of their world tour- however long or short a time that might last.

The team was emotional seeing NaN go and gave them gifts before they departed. For example, Silvia Winner knitted them sweaters for Boston. Apparently, upon arrival, they were wearing all 15+ of the sweaters.

The most important thing NaN learned from their second stint in San Francisco was that there were still people who cared about them- they were the Lovers’ Wyatt Mason.

Boston Flowers

After leaving the Lovers’ shadows, NaN was a bit lost on where to go next. They decided on the Flowers for a few reasons: firstly, Boston seemed to have strange alternate-universe interactions, and while it was different from Los Angeli, it was still familiar. Secondly, they wanted to see Jaylen Hotdogfingers again. Finally, after spending some time in the shadows watching streamers, they’d ended up becoming a big fan of Zesty Yaboi’s streams and thought it would be cool to spend time with her in person.

They bonded well with the team. SCORES BASERUNNER was excited to be on a team with someone so famous, which flustered NaN, who was still unused to fame. The Flowers knew a little about them already thanks to Wyatt Mason VI, who still existed as static in the Garden’s PA system. They also got to play video games with BASERUNNER, Yaboi, and Salih Ultrabass. Finally, NaN and Businessmun Ferret teamed up to sue the ILB for identity theft. The results of this case are unknown, but NaN talks proudly of it nevertheless.

In Boston, the team took them to see the location of the Boston Tea Party. However, NaN mostly enjoyed spending some time in the Garden, befriending the sentient ecosystem after some hesitation. Some believe it was Caligula Lotus who encouraged The Garden to warm up to NaN.

While in Boston, they learned what it means to grow as a person and grow in their identity. In addition to this, they learned quite a bit about gardening and seem to have acquired a strange aversion to mushrooms. When asked to explain this, they simply responded, “Do not mess with mushrooms. They were here before us and will not miss our absence.”

They left Boston with a new notebook filled with gardening tips, a succulent to take care of wherever they go, and a specially crafted flower crown made from butterfly weed, chamomile flowers, and blue salvia. Finally, they got to keep a bird, as said bird flew into them and ended up building a nest. The bird occasionally emerges to steal fries and other snacks.


  • NaN's stint on the Hades Tigers in Season 14 saw the fans develop some chants of encouragement to bolster the confidence of the rookie pitcher. These include: "NOT A NUMBER! NOT A RUN! NaN IS OUR NUMBER ONE!", "DIV/0! NaN'S OUR HERO!", "502 NO BASE FOR YOU!" (for outs), "404 SCORE NOT FOUND!" (denied scoring).

Fan Works


NaN is mentioned in the following songs:


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