Cantus Hojo

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Cantus Hojo was a lineup player for the Ohio Worms, and was with the team from the Descension until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Hojo joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Ohio Worms during the Descension.

During the Season β16 elections, Hojo retreated to the Worms' Shadows as a result of the Worms' Move will, resulting in a combined 15.6 16.2 stat increase.

During Season β22, Day 33, Hojo joined the Worms' lineup in exchange for Kichiro Guerra at the Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 93, Hojo returned to the Worms' Shadows in exchange for Susananana Portmanteau via the Ratified Voicemail.

On Season β23, Day 96, Hojo joined the Worms' lineup in exchange for Tai Beanbag at the Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark via the Ratified Voicemail.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Cantus Hojo is a middle-aged Japanese-American woman. In her career as a singer-songwriter, she has been known for her practical and down-to-earth fashion. When asked about her style, Hojo commented that she doesn’t really give much thought to it, mostly focusing on what is practical for gardening and playing blaseball.


Cantus Hojo is known in her hometown of Wapakoneta, Ohio as a locally famous country-folk singer, a co-organizer of town festivals and holiday events, a loving mother and good neighbor, a gardener whose produce is a staple of the Wapakoneta Farmer’s Market, and a batter for the town’s blaseball team, The Ohio Worms. When interviewed by splorts outlets on how Hojo is able to balance the many roles she carries in her life, she simply smiled and said it’s easy for her to do what she loves doing.

Hojo has always been well-liked by the citizens of Wapakoneta, and has many fans of her music throughout Auglaize County, but it is her position on the Worms that has truly catapulted her to international fame.

Personal Life

Hojo is married to former Ohio Worms player and current player for the Mechanics Mindy Kugel. According to Hojo, Blaseball wasn’t something she had ever considered much in her life until she started dating Kugel and it was their relationship that convinced her to join the Worms. Kugel shares Hojo's love for country folk music and the pair often have impromptu jam sessions together, much to the delight of anyone near them. Hojo has said in interviews that Kugel is one of the muses that inspires her music. Likewise, Hojo’s fresh garden offerings often find their way into Kugel’s dishes and Kugel credits them as being the second magic ingredient that makes her food taste so good, with the first magic ingredient being love. Despite currently being long distance the two have maintained their marriage and Hojo can often be seen around the Core visiting Kugel as well as spending time with Willowtree and other members of F.R.O.N.T. to explore Core Fauna.

Kugel is also married to Bertrand Kugel, who she met at culinary school in Paris and who helps run her eateries. He sometimes says it was "love at first bite" which usually elicits a groan from everyone in the vicinity, with the exception of Hojo who has a fondness for bad puns. While Hojo and Bertrand are not romantically involved they are good friends and take care of the Kugel’s three children together. Elise Kugel runs a coffee shop and artisan bakery in Seattle whilst the youngest two, Bertrand Kugel Jr and Sienna Kugel, have accompanied their parents to the Core. Under her mother’s tutelage, Sienna Kugel has taken up sculpture inspired by the aesthetics of the Core. Her pieces are large welded metal structures adorned with plants which can be found in the Kugel family eateries and public places in the Core.


  • Hojo's gardening talents include a special quirk: the succulents and cacti in her garden act and behave like animals. Cantus does not fully control these plants, which often act of their own volitions.
  • The special connection between Hojo and her plants is rumored to derive directly from Greg, the Worm God.
  • Hojo's plants have been known to listen to Blaseball broadcasts intently. A desire to please her plants further pushed Hojo to join a Blaseball team, herself.
  • It is rumored that Hojo may have some small ability as a witch or wielder of minor magics. This may explain her skill at professional blaseball despite never having previous interest in any splorts. Those close to Hojo have also been known to describe her as having a connection to her plants bordering on the supernatural. Hojo herself has declined to comment on her apparent magical ability.

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