Wyatt Mason VI

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Wyatt Mason VI was a pitcher for the Boston Flowers, and was with the team from the Second Wyatt Masoning until being echoed into Static on Season β14, Day 99.

Official League Records

Mason VI joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Boston Flowers in Season β14 as part of the Second Wyatt Masoning.

Wyatt Mason VI and Wyatt Quitter echoed each other into Static when meeting on Day 99 of the same season.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Personal Details

Wyatt Mason VI also known as "Violet" or "Vi" for short is an Echo of Wyatt Mason. Wyatt Mason VI uses Ve/Vir & They/Them Pronouns.

Wyatt Mason VI loved exploring the Boston Garden, especially looking for bugs, and frogs. They were a budding botanist who had a plot in the Garden, despite knowing they likely wouldn't live long enough to see much grow in it. After they staticked the plot was taken over by Moses Mason, and the whole team has worked together on it since Moses Mason's incineration.

Wyatt Mason VI played the viola. Of the other Wyatt Masons they were closest with Wyatt Mason X, Wyatt Mason III, and Wyatt Mason VII. Ve became close with Nagomi Mcdaniel in a brief period of time due to there being a space of merely two days between vir's loss of Wyatt Mason III and Wyatt Mason VIII and Nagomi Mcdaniel's loss of York Silk.

In terms of closeness to fellow teammates on the Boston Flowers ve was closest with Moses Mason, Zesty Yaboi( having made a couple of appearances on Zesty Yaboi's livestreams), Gloria Bugsnax, and Margarito Nava.