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Undertaker is a Player Modification, introduced in the Season β18 Election. Undertaker players will "dive in" when a player is swept Elsewhere, giving the Elsewhere player the Negative modification, and gaining the Elsewhere modification themselves.


Undertaker gives a player a chance to "dive in", after a player on their team is swept Elsewhere. The Undertaker will then also become Elsewhere, and the original player will gain the permanent Negative modification.


Undertaker was first seen in the Season β18 Election when Justice Spoon was the subject of the Firefighters' Alternate Trust Will. While other players subject to that will gained the Negative modification, Spoon was already Negative as a result of that Season's Seasonal Reading, and instead gained the first case of the Undertaker Modification.

Undertaker was distributed again in Season β19 during the Seasonal Reading, where a player from the first team in every draw was made an Undertaker.
The players were:

The following is a list of all known Undertaker activations:

Season Day Undertaker Flipped Negative
19 57 Cannonball Sports Christian Combs
19 60 Lotus Mango Sparks Beans
19 67 Lotus Mango Arturo Huerta
19 73 Yeong-Ho Garcia Dudley Mueller
20 3 Justice Spoon Isaac Johnson
20 4 Lorcan Smaht Avila Guzman
20 16 Yeong-Ho Garcia Pudge Nakamoto
20 25 Wanda Schenn Gita Sparrow
20 34 Thomas Dracaena Hatfield Suzuki
20 38 Riley Firewall Mikan Hammer
20 39 Nandy Slumps Elwin McGhee
20 46 Justice Spoon Peanutiel Duffy
20 59 Riley Firewall Walton Sports
20 59 Nandy Slumps Yusef Fenestrate
20 77 Thomas Dracaena Nandy Fantastic
20 78 Nandy Slumps Evelton McBlase II
20 81 Cannonball Sports Mira Lemma
20 101 Nandy Slumps Rylan O'Lantern
21 4 Yeong-Ho Garcia Comfort Septemberish
21 6 Cannonball Sports Kelvin Drumsolo
21 30 Lorcan Smaht Enid Marlow
21 65 Thomas Dracaena Greer Gwiffin
21 72 Yeong-Ho Garcia Fitzgerald Blackburn
21 91 Lotus Mango Penelope Mathews
22 25 Lorcan Smaht Zeruel Kramer
22 42 Lotus Mango Oliver Loofah
22 44 Cannonball Sports Allan Kranch
22 79 Wanda Schenn Lou Roseheart
22 113 Thomas Dracaena Conrad Vaughan
23 2 Lorcan Smaht Herring Winfield
23 44 Riley Firewall Quack Enjoyable
23 57 Lotus Mango Clove Mahle
24 13 Lorcan Smaht Silvaire Roadhouse
24 91 Wanda Schenn Felix Garbage