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Uncertain is a Player Modification, first seen in the Season β13 Elections.


Uncertain players will experience stat changes after returning from Elsewhere, with the message "X re-congealed differently."



Uncertain was first seen as a result of the Trust Will, which gave players Trusted in Season 13 the Uncertain modification. The Ohio Worms were the only team to Trust one of their players that season, choosing to trust Pitching Machine.

Uncertain first activated on Season β16, Day 18, when Pitching Machine returned from Elsewhere after 8 days. They "re-congealed differently", their combined star total decreasing from 18.48 18.4 .

Uncertain Items

Uncertain debuted as a potential Item modification in the Season 17 Earlsiesta, when the Reader distributed two unique items to the two teams (other than the Season 16 Champions, the Canada Moist Talkers) drawn in the reading. The Jazz Hands, associated with The Tower, received an Uncertain Necklace of Entanglement, picked up by Baby Doyle. The Jazz Hands, unwilling to risk Doyle being Alternated and adjusted if swept Elsewhere, used a Move Will in the Season β18 Elections to give Doyle a Careful Fireproof Bat, causing them to drop the Uncertain Necklace of Entanglement.

Season 19 Readings

Following the Preservation of Pitching Machine - the League's only Uncertain player - at the end of Season 18, the Reader's Reading took place. Cards were drawn in sets of three, with one random player on the team represented in the second card of each set gaining the Uncertain modification.

The following players gained Uncertain in the Season 19 Earlsiesta:

Of these eight players, only one has been swept Elsewhere while Uncertain - Mint Shupe, who returned on Season β21, Day 21. Their combined star total improved 16.6 16.9 .

More Uncertain Items

Only two other items with the Uncertain modification were seen during the Expansion Era: Chorby's Uncertain Soul, and Wade Howe's Uncertain Jersey.

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Chorby's Uncertain Soul was first seen in the Season 22 Latesiesta, when the Chicago Firefighters claimed an Item from the Gift Shop's Bargain Bin. Rush Valenzuela gained Chorby's Uncertain Soul - a non-legendary, pseudo-copy of the Legendary Item Chorby's Soul II - which spawned in the Bargain Bin after Gloria Bugsnax stole Chorby's Soul II from Chorby Soul IV and triggered a known Item duplication glitch.

For reasons unknown, Instead of a Chorby's Soul II (with the elements Batter, Ring, RAM, and 154 eDense elements) being perfectly duplicated and placed in the Bargain Bin, Chorby's Uncertain Soul (with only the four elements Batter, Ring, RAM, and Uncertain) was placed in the Bin, to be drawn out by Valenzuela.

Additionally, Wade Howe gained an Uncertain Jersey from a shimmering crate in Glitter weather on Season β24, Day 68.