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Elsewhere is a Player Modification that first appeared in Season β12, following the introduction of the Flooding Weather.


Players who were Elsewhere were unable to play for their team until they came back from Elsewhere. They would be skipped over in the lineup, with a message saying "(player) is Elsewhere...". The player would remain Elsewhere for an indeterminate amount of time, being able to come back ranging from in the same game to sometimes even seasons later. If a player spent long enough Elsewhere, they would come back Scattered.

Players who were Elsewhere could be affected by any game event that only required them to be on the active roster of a team. This meant they could participate in the Ballpark Modification Hoops, as long as they were the next player in the lineup after the scoring player. Elsewhere players could also be targeted by Consumer attacks, could siphon or be siphoned in Blooddrain weather, could receive Items, could Party, and could be affected by Feedback.

As players could only return from Elsewhere if they were capable of playing active games, players who became Shadowed while Elsewhere were unable to return until they reentered an active roster.


Flooding Weather Introduced

After the Season β12 Latesiesta, the Flooding Weather was seen for the first time. It was revealed that this new Weather could sweep players off bases during the game; most players swept this way were otherwise unaffected, but some would be swept Elsewhere. The Elsewhere Modification was first seen on Season β12 Day 73, when Chicago Firefighters player Peanutiel Duffy was the first player to be swept Elsewhere.

It was later revealed that if a player spent at least 19+ days Elsewhere, they would come back Scattered. This was first seen when Philly Pies player Beasley Day returned after being Elsewhere at the end of Season β13; they returned on Season β14 Day 1, and their name had been Scattered to -easley Day.

Salmon Cannons

After the introduction of Salmon Weather, the Salmon Cannons Ballpark Renovation was given out as an option in Season β16. Eleven Teams built the Renovation in their ballparks. On Season 16 Day 75, during a game under Salmon Weather, when the Salmon swam upstream to restart the inning, Baltimore Crabs player Fish Summer was "caught in the bind!" and was expelled Elsewhere by the Salmon Cannons. This was a new way players could go Elsewhere, and was the first chance that Pitchers could go Elsewhere. This was first seen on Season β17 Day 22, when Tokyo Lift pitcher Cudi Di Batterino was expelled Elsewhere via Salmon Cannons.

Seekers and Undertaker

During the Season β19 Earlsiesta, at the Arcana Drawing, a number of players were given one of the Seeker or Undertaker Modifications. These new Modifications were ways for players to interact with Elsewhere. Players with the Seeker Modification had the chance to bring players on their team who was Elsewhere back from Elsewhere. This was first seen on Season β19 Day 35, when Seeker Cory Twelve brought Dunn Keyes back from Elsewhere. Players with the Undertaker Modification would dive after players swept Elsewhere (going Elsewhere themselves in the process) and flip the initially-swept player Negative. This was first seen on Season 19 Day 57, when Undertaker Cannonball Sports dove after Christian Combs and flipped them.


In Season β20, the Tunnels Ballpark Renovation was introduced, and was immediately Ratified after enough teams built it during the Season β20 Latesiesta. Pitchers had the opportunity to use the Tunnels to steal either Items or Runs from the opposing team. If a player failed at stealing an Item, they would flee Elsewhere. This was first seen on Season 20 Day 75, when Silvia Winner failed to steal an item from Baldwin Breadwinner, and subsequently fled Elsewhere.