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Fireproof is a Player and Team Modification first seen in Season β6.


When a Player or a Team has the Fireproof modification, they are unable to be Incinerated by Umpires. When an Umpire tries to Incinerate a player, the following message plays out:

Rouge Umpire tried to incinerate (player), but they're Fireproof! The Umpire was incinerated instead!


Fireproof Jackets

Fireproof was first seen in the Season β5 Election, via the Fireproof Jacket Blessing, with the following description: Armor. Protect a random Player on your team from Incinerations. The Hades Tigers won the Blessing, and gave the jacket to Mclaughlin Scorpler - in a twist of fate, however, the Tigers also won the Noise-Cancelling Headphones, causing Scorpler to drop the jacket they just acquired and pick up the Headphones instead[1].

The Fireproof Jacket Blessing reappeared in the Season β6 Election. The Seattle Garages won the Blessing with the following description:

Mueller was not to retain the Jacket, however, as the Firefighters won the Hand-Me Downs Blessing in the Season β7 Election. This allowed them to steal a random piece of Armor off an opposing team, stealing Mueller's jacket and giving it to Declan Suzanne.

Also in the Season 7 Election, the Blessing Scorpler's Jacket was offered, with the same description as the earlier Fireproof Armor blessings. The Canada Moist Talkers won the Blessing, giving Jesús Koch the new Item with the following description:

Suzanne and Koch lost their Fireproof modifications in Season β15, when Armor was retired as part of the Item system overhaul.

Fireproof Teams

The Season β8 Election marked the first instance of Fireproof being a Team Modification. The Blessing Anti Burnout was offered, with the description: Your team is protected from Incinerations for the following season. The Hades Tigers won the Blessing as follows:

  • Anti Burnout blessed the Hades Tigers.
    • The Tigers have covered themselves with Fire-Resistant Foam, and will be immune to Incinerations next season.
    • The Team had 10% of the Votes. The Baltimore Crabs were the highest bidders with 26% of the votes. 90,972 votes were cast.

This instance of Team-wide Fireproof was only Seasonal. Fireproof was next seen as a Permanent Team Modification during the Season β10 Election with the Blessing Doctor Smedley's Umpire Cream, with the description: Rub it in. Your Team is permanently Fireproof. The Hades Tigers also won this blessing as follows:

  • Doctor Smedley's Umpire Cream blessed the Hades Tigers.
    • The Tigers have covered themselves with Doctor Smedley's Umpire Cream, and are now immune to Incinerations!
    • The Tigers had 35% of the votes and were the highest bidders. 615,442 votes were cast.

While the effects of other forms of incineration immunity (Fire Protector and Fire Eater) were revealed during the Discipline Era, it was not until Season 13 that Fireproof would activate in-game. On Season 13, Day 1, a rogue Umpire attempted to incinerate the Tigers' Mummy Melcon, only for the Umpire to be incinerated instead.

Fireproof in the Expansion Era

The two existing Fireproof players, Jesús Koch and Oliver Mueller, lost Fireproof when Armor was scrapped and the new Item system rolled out at the end of Season β15. Items with the Fireproof Modification began to appear from Community Chests, Prize Matches, and Item drops from Blessings and Gift Shops.

Teams were also able to acquire Fireproof with a Seasonal duration in the Gift Shop from Seasons 18 to 22, making their team Fireproof for the following Lateseason and Postseason. The following teams acquired Fireproof in this manner:

Season Teams with Fireproof
Season β18 Core Mechanics, Atlantis Georgias, San Francisco Lovers, Chicago Firefighters
Season β19 Mexico City Wild Wings, San Francisco Lovers, Tokyo Lift, Baltimore Crabs, Kansas City Breath Mints, Canada Moist Talkers, Miami Dale
Season β20 Breckenridge Jazz Hands, Miami Dale, Philly Pies, New York Millennials, Mexico City Wild Wings
Season β21 Baltimore Crabs, Hawai'i Fridays, New York Millennials, Houston Spies, Breckenridge Jazz Hands, Chicago Firefighters, Miami Dale, Kansas City Breath Mints, Charleston Shoe Thieves, Tokyo Lift, San Francisco Lovers, Atlantis Georgias, Seattle Garages, Mexico City Wild Wings
Season β22 Chicago Firefighters, Hellmouth Sunbeams, San Francisco Lovers, New York Millennials, Seattle Garages, Ohio Worms, Houston Spies, Yellowstone Magic

The following teams successfully incinerated Umpires while holding the Fireproof modification:

Date Team Player targeted Notes
Season β13, Day 1 Hades Tigers Mummy Melcon
Season β19, Day 6 Hades Tigers Paula Turnip
Season β20, Day 99 Kansas City Breath Mints Mooney Doctor II Protected by their Frosty Fireproof Glove
Season β21, Day 76 San Francisco Lovers Theo King
Season β21, Day 82 Atlantis Georgias Chorby Soul V Targeted three times on D82.
Season β21, Day 83 Seattle Garages Oliver Loofah
Season β21, Day 98 Atlantis Georgias Chorby Soul V Targeted twice on D98.
Season β24, Day 63 Hades Tigers Ayanna Dumpington
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  • Fire Eating players on Fireproof Teams will activate Fire Eater instead of Fireproof if targeted; they will become Magmatic instead of incinerating the Umpire.
  • As at the end of the Expansion Era, Mooney Doctor II is the only player to have redirected an Incineration attempt with a Fireproof Item.

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  1. The Chicago Firefighters, who were the highest bidders on the Fireproof Jacket blessing with 46% of the Votes, were, needless to say, unimpressed.
  2. The additional description was likely implemented following Scorpler's Incineration on Day 32 of that very season, during the events known as Ruby Tuesday.