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Forced (formerly known as Force) is a Player and Team Modification, first seen during the Season β17 Earlsiesta as an Item modification, and was first alluded to in the unpassed Decree Force Fields during the Season β13 Election.


Players with the Force modification cannot be moved from their current roster position by any means, including incineration.

The effects of Team Force are currently unknown, but one appears to be that Players of Teams with this modification in Solar Eclipse (Silver) Weather will be the only ones able to receive Attribute boosts from the Knight Umpires. Likewise, they appear to not be targeted by the Knight Umpires' swears.


While Force was first seen by Fans during the Season β17 Earlsiesta, Force was later revealed in the Library.

Pre-History I

During Pre-History I, player Parker MacMillan was revealed to have an item called The Force Field, Forcing them in place to mitigate their Super Roamin' and Firewalker modifications. It is currently unknown when MacMillan acquired this item.

In A Traitor, Minneapolis Truckers pitcher Megan Ito traded their broken Metaphorical Sunglasses for MacMillan's The Force Field, allowing MacMillan to once again roam, and Forcing Ito in place.

In An Alternate, the Truckers were incinerated by a Rogue Umpire on Season E, Day 13, sending them to the Hall of Flame, while Ito was Forced into position and was not allowed to leave the team. This resulted in a paradox, leading to Ito Echoing themselves 100 times over, and dropping The Force Field.

The Force Field was later seen during A Snap Election, where an emergency election was called on Season E, Day 99, and MacMillan was once again equipped with The Force Field.

Season 13 Election

During the Season β13 elections, a Decree called Force Fields was offered, which stated, "A Player on each Team is placed in the Force Field, protecting them from Steals and Swaps. Use a Will to move the Field to another Player."

The Decree Free Wills passed instead, with Force Fields not entering play.

Season 17 Earlsiesta

During the Season β17 Earlsiesta, the Dallas Steaks' card, IIII The Emperor was drawn as the final card of the season's reading, which granted a Force Field of Observation to Steaks pitcher Orville Manco.

  • Orville Manco, MATERIA MATERIA
    • + Force Field of Observation
    • +  Force
    • +  Observed
    • Overall 11.2 -> 11.2 + 0.6

While Manco was never Forced into position by this item, the item was later used in a failed plot to protect Yellowstone Magic hitter James Mora from being Preserved.

Mora gained the Ego++++ modification at the end of Season β20's regular season play, and would become Legendary after gaining another point of Ego. During the Season β20 elections, the Magic received the Item Steal will, giving the Force Field of Observation to Mora to hopefully keep them on the Team. This plot failed when on Season β21, Day 79, Mora dropped the Force Field of Observation for a Head Bat due to the Community Chest opening.

Season 20, Day 13

On Season 20, Day 13, the Baltimore Crabs activated their evolution modification Carcinization against the Tokyo Lift.

The Crabs collect 10!
The Black Hole swallowed the Runs and burped at the Lift.
The Baltimore Crabs steal Gerund Pantheocide for the remainder of the game.
Steal failed.
Gerund Pantheocide was gripped by Force.
The Black Hole burps!
Kline Greenlemon is compressed by gamma!

Neither Pantheocide nor the Lift had the Force modification, and it is currently unknown why Pantheocide was Forced into position.

Season 22 and the Semi-Centennial

During Season β22, and after the reveal of Parker MacMillan to Fans, MacMillan's feed began to update every 9 days to show they were still attempting to Super Roam. During the Season E emergency election, Parker had become Legendary, entering the Vault while being Forced in place.

Roam failed. Parker MacMillan was gripped by Force.

During the ILB Semi-Centennial, Legends pitcher New Megan Ito traded their The Fifth Base for MacMillan's The Force Field, once again enabling MacMillan to Super Roam.

Season 24

During Season β24, as Black Hole (Black Hole) began to expand to encompass the Map, some Teams chose to move towards the corner marked with Lōotcrates. Upon hitting the corner, the Team would be given the Force modification, and disappear from the Map.

The following Teams gained the Force modification this way:

The effects of these Teams being Forced is currently unknown.

After the Return(s) of Blaseball, teams that had received Force in Season β24 retained it under the name Forced, with a new description.

This Team Was Forced. Official Review Pending...


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