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Squiddish is both a Player and Team Modification, first seen after Season β9, Day 99.


Whenever a Player with the Squiddish modification is incinerated, they will be replaced by a random Player from the Hall of Flame rather than by a new Player.

The Team version of this modification works in a similar way, with the incinerated Team being replaced by a random Team in the Hall of Flame.


Season 9

During the Season β9 regular season, the Idol Board was marked with a Monitor symbol, placed next to the highest player on the board that was  SHELLED.

A screen capture of the Idol Board at the end of the Season 9 Regular Season, which shows the top three positions on the Idol Board. Sexton Wheerer is in Slot 1, and Jaylen Hotdogfingers is in Slot 2. PolkaDot Patterson is in Slot 3, with the Shelled modification, and with the sigil of the Monitor next to their name.
The Idol Board prior to the Monitor arriving.

At the conclusion of the regular season, PolkaDot Patterson was the highest on the board in the third position, when the Monitor arrived.

let's see here...
egg time
wait yuck
think that egg spoiled
still hungry
need something more filling
you holding out on me?
better do something

As a result, Patterson was unshelled and given the Squiddish modification, with the description "This player is a wee bit Squiddish.".

Day X

On Season 10, Day X, when The Hall Stars arrived to challenge THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, they had the Team modification Squiddest, that stated that any Player playing for a Team with Squiddest would become Squiddish. All founding members of the Hall Stars gained the Squiddish modification due to this.

The effects of Squiddish were first seen during this game, when Hall Stars batter Sebastian Telephone was incinerated in the bottom of the third inning, and was replaced by Hall of Flame player Scrap Murphy. Murphy also gained the Squiddish modification after joining the Hall Stars.

Throughout the game, pitchers Jaylen Hotdogfingers and Axel Trololol would change Teams nine times under Feedback weather due to Hotdogfingers' Fliickerrriiing modification, and while Hotdogfingers started the game on the Hall Stars and gained Squiddish, Trololol gained the modification after joining the first time.


After Day X, Squiddish was only given out to new recipients due to items, with the first Squiddish item dropping on Season β17, Day 63, when Dickerson Morse of the Dallas Steaks gained a Squiddish Travelling Jersey.

Season 23 Election

During the Season β23 election, replacing the usual Decrees, Teams were offered Party Favors, where Teams would earn whatever Party Favor they voted the most for.

Team Squiddish Crate was one of the offerings, with the Hawai'i Fridays being the only Team voting for this Favor, making the Team permanently Squiddish.

Team Squiddish's effects were seen on Season β24, Day 12, when a Rogue Umpire incinerated the Fridays, replacing them with the incinerated Carolina Queens, a Team that was incinerated in Pre-History. After the Fridays' incineration, Squiddish chained to the Queens, giving them the modification permanently as well.


Squiddest is a Team Modification, first seen during Season 10, Day X as a signature Modification of The Hall Stars.


Whenever a Player joins a Team with the Squiddest modification, they will receive the Player modification Squiddish.


Squiddest was only seen during Season 10, Day X as one of The Hall Stars' modifications, and as a result of the Team forming, all Players that played The Hall Stars would gain the modification. These players are:


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