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Lowe Forbes is a pitcher for the Boston Flowers and has been with the team since Season 23, Day 83. Forbes has played for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands.

Official League Records

Forbes joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season 7, Day 56, Forbes siphoned some of Unlimited Tacos batter Basilio Mason's pitching ability in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from to .

On Season 13, Day 64, Forbes became a lineup player due to Reverb.

On Season 16, Day 56, Forbes became a pitcher again due to Reverb.

On Season 23, Day 47, Forbes retreated to the Jazz Hands' Shadows in exchange for Walton Sports as a result of the Breckenridge Community Field's FaxMachine.

On Season 23, Day 83, The Garden Thieves' Guild stole Forbes from the Jazz Hands and gave them to the Boston Flowers.

On Season 24, Day 1, Forbes joined the Flowers' pitching rotation in exchange for Campos Arias at Boston Garden via the Ratified Fax Machine.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Forbes' pregame ritual has caused large amounts of confusion, as few realize the "fans" they refer to are box fans, ceiling fans, and other cooling fans of that sort. Further complicating matters is Forbes' use of a blindfold, causing them to periodically mistake people who introduce themselves as fans for animate cooling fans. Typically, a teammate, staff member, or other fan will shoo Forbes away from the target fan using a broom, saxophone, or other such implement. On the few occasions where nobody is around to assist the targeted fan, Forbes is reported to have begun to bite the fan, but then realized the error and stopped.

The Jazz Hands refer to Forbes as Lowe "Lowe-ded Bases" Forbes. Forbes initially only had a one-star rating in part because of their insistence on playing with a blindfold on "for the challenge." This changed starting in Season 7 as Forbes began siphoning pitching ability from other players in the ILB. Forbes believes this is a manifestation of their vampiric powers, as they once bit former teammate Alexandria Dracaena, noted vampire. When an interviewer pointed out that this is not how vampires traditionally work, they cited their hatred of onions, tendency to sunburn, and inability to see themself in a mirror (while wearing their blindfold) as evidence of being a vampire. A letter from a Jazz Hands union laundry worker later hypothesized that Forbes' improvement could be due to their blindfold wearing thin, suggesting Forbes is actually an extremely strong pitcher under normal circumstances.

Forbes has made it on the Forbes list of Worst Blaseball Pitchers named Forbes. Because Forbes shares a last name with Brock Forbes, Lowe Forbes incorrectly believes that the two are married, claiming that the marriage is for "tax evasion". Brock Forbes is unaware of this.

The LoweNandy Infinirivalry

The rivalry between Forbes and Nandy Slumps is a common source of stories across multiple dimensions, though they are typically little more than Rumors. One such rumor is presented below.

Once Nandy ordered spicy chicken nuggets from a fast food restaurant, unaware that Lowe was working there. Lowe prepared her a batch of completely regular chicken nuggets, without the spice. Nandy rightfully complained about it, but Lowe in response decided to use some sort of unseen power to remove any tangible spice from every single chicken nugget in a 300 meter radius.

The Lowe Log

Forbes' unusual behavior often results in entertaining stories, which the Jazz Hands track in the Lowe Log. One such log entry is presented below as an example , sourced from the broader Interdimensional Rumor Mill. This time, the Interdimensional Rumor Mill reveals a Rumor from IF-70.189 out of its Rumor Registry...

Lowe Forbes is banned from the Breckenridge Hlome Dlepot due to numerous incidents of entering the hardware store and eating the ceiling fans that are on display. This happens so often that new Hlome Dlepot employees are taught to call the Jazz Hands to send someone to retrieve Forbes.

Interdimensional Rumor Mill

Drafted on a bet in the 91st round, this pile of assorted graphic t-shirts was created by Denver teen Tyler Forbes, who's going to tidy them up later, Mom. Their ability to pitch a blaseball is questionable at best, scintillating at worst, but don't be fooled: Lowe Forbes does indeed offer a Morphe discount code for 10% off your order when you like and subscribe.

Time with the Boston Flowers


On advice from fellow former Jazz Hands, Campos Arias and Baldwin Breadwinner, the Flowers decided to enlist one of the team to help wrangle Lowe Forbes. Zesty Yaboi happily volunteered for the role, but ultimately enabled more of Forbes chaotic behavior, in reality both Zesty Yaboi and Lowe Forbes are wrangled by current team captain Margarito Nava.

The Goose Distraction

When Lowe Forbes wants to steal some fans, or otherwise cause chaos, they use another their teammates, Sutton Bishop, as a distraction for their shenanigans.

Big Fans

Looking to try and improve Lowe Forbes eating habits Margarito Nava and the Garden conspired to grow fruit and vegetables in the shape of fans in hopes that Forbes would eat them. According to some reports the attempts were unsuccessful until they managed to grow the fan-shaped plants in such a way that they would spin with speeds of over 5 MPH.

Fan Works