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Lowe Forbes has 7 Rumors written about so far.

Lowe Forbes/IF-0.780

Lowe Forbes once walked into a person's house, opened their fridge, and then removed the store bought sheet cake found within. They then proceeded to lick the frosting off the entirety of the cake, and put it back in the fridge. Lowe Forbes then left as if nothing had transpired. When asked what they thought of the event, the cake owner commented "It seemed like a normal thing for Lowe Forbes to do."

Lowe Forbes/IF-45.263

Every evening, Lowe Forbes can be found growling and barking at the local plostal service truck as it delivers mail to The Pocket. When asked about this, Forbes stated "They know what they did" before continuing to bark.

Lowe Forbes/IF-50.601

Lowe Forbes has never been allowed to use a computer because they eat the fans inside.

Lowe Forbes/IF-65.563

Forbes never knew that they became a batter in Reverb. They were steered to home plate instead of the pitcher's mound and given a bat instead of a ball, and swung by throwing the bat.

Lowe Forbes/IF-70.162

Lowe Forbes once left The Pocket in the middle of a game to sit on a couch a Breckenridge resident had left on the curb several blocks from the stadium.

Lowe Forbes/IF-70.189

Lowe Forbes is banned from the Breckenridge Hlome Dlepot due to numerous incidents of entering the hardware store and eating the ceiling fans that are on display. This happens so often that new Hlome Dlepot employees are taught to call the Jazz Hands to send someone to retrieve Forbes.

Lowe Forbes/IF-91.493

Once, the morning of an away game at the Boston Garden, Lowe Forbes brought a live bird into Steph Weeks' room at 5am, proceeding to eat it whole on the kitchen floor. When asked for comment on this incident, Lowe Forbes simply said "alarm clock" before scurrying into the nearest air vent.

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