Breckenridge Community Field

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The Breckenridge Community Field (also known as The Pocket) is the home stadium of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands Blaseball team. Regardless of the weather outside the stadium, inside Breckenridge Community Field it is always snowing.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


The Pocket was originally the local community theatre for Breckenridge. During a performance of a Jazz stage adaptation of It's a Wonderful Life! the theatre's snow machine malfunctioned and altered the weather within the theatre to perpetual snow. The Breckenridge Jazz Hands declared this "perfect Blaseball weather" and converted The Pocket to a stadium.

There are unconfirmed rumors in the Jazz Hands Band that finishing the original performance will cause the altered weather to stop. Actors are sometimes seen running onto the field mid-game to attempt this, but none have been successful.

Breckenridge Community Field is home to the Snow Corps or Snow Chorus. This hardened group of ushers, made up of mountaineers, arctic survivalists and former theater techs, help stranded fans out of the ever piling snow and rogue avalanches that occur around the stands. But, their primary job is to stop and remove any actor that tries to run on the field to finish the play. They also lead the crowd in the "Rally in the 7th" fight song.