Evelton McBlase

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Evelton McBlase was a pitcher for the Hawai'i Fridays, and had been with the team since Season β3, Day 67 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

McBlase joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Hawai'i Fridays on Season β3, Day 67 after the incineration of Sam Solis.

During the Season β5 election, McBlase's batting and pitching fell by due to the Charleston Shoe Thieves's Bad Neighbors blessing.

On Season β6, Day 90, McBlase's abilities were siphoned by Eizabeth Elliott due to Blooddrain. McBlase's baserunning stat decreased from to .

During the Season β6 Elections, McBlase's batting increased by due to the Charleston Shoe Thieves's Mutually Arising blessing.

As a result of the Houston Spies' Party Line blessing a Duplicate of McBlase, Evelton McBlase II, was created by the Spies. McBlase II is an Alternate version of McBlase.

During the Coffee Cup, McBlase played for Heavy FC as a pitcher.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.



Evelton McBlase is a blaseball blase given sentience by Our Lady of Perpetual Friday to fill the sudden void in the Fridays' pitching rotation. Following the untimely demise of Solis, catcher Terrell Bradley went to wipe sand off fourth blase only to discover that it had grown a mustache. Evelton soon opened its eyes for the first time and rose out of the beach. "What's the story, morning glory?" said McBlase. "Daddy-o, I've been stuck in that grody sand forever! Come on snake, let's rattle." It then strolled up to the mound and took over pitching duties. The Fridays have not replaced fourth blase and now traditionally mark its location during games using Daddy Bradley's ballcap.

McBlase speaks with a slight transatlantic accent and uses phrasing and terminology that would be more in line with the 1950s than with modern day. One popular fan theory is that McBlase was given sentience using a wandering soul that perished during the '50s and refused to move on to the afterlife, most likely because "the vibe was bogus."