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Formation and Early History

The Los Angeles Tacos were formed from the "only 14 people to sign up for a community Kickball league signup sheet" on the corkboard of a Ralphio's Grocer in Van Nuys, California. Upon showing up for the first game, they were outfitted with Blaseball gear by their owner, eccentric former-professional surfer, Guy Myrington, and have been professional blaseball players ever since.

The Tacos were formerly owned by the Dilsney Cooperative as part of their deal to buy Guy Myrington's life rights in order to produce the biopic, I Married My Surfboard. Upon achieving ownership, Dilsney renamed the franchise The Van Nuys Tacos of Anaheim, despite the stadium being a one- to three-hour drive away from Dilsney's fortified stronghold in Orange County, California.

Dilsney was "excellent" at marketing the team, said splorts analysts[who?], but the team "suffered in league rankings" during their tenure. After an unremarkable season and the feature film I Married My Surfboard failing to gross a meaningful portion its $400 million budget, Dilsney and the Tacos formally parted ways, with Myrington regaining his role as principal owner. Myrington officially returned the team's name to the original Los Angeles Tacos.

Internet League Blaseball


The LA Unlimited Tacos' historic rivals are the Chicago Firefighters due to the Tacos' close relationship to heat and spice; an "association [that] sits too closely" to fire — the sworn enemy of all firefighters.

The relationship first heated up early in Season β2 when when the Tacos swept a series that the Firefighters were favored to win. Tacos pitcher Sexton Wheeler commented on the rivalry, saying, "Water can't calm the blaze on their tongues."

Season β3 saw a 3-1 series victory against the Firefighters, which included highlights such as a 14-inning narrow victory in the 2nd game, and the shaming of the Chicago Firefighters in the 4th game.

The rivalry may or may not have cooled off when Tacos brand manager Myra Myrington exchanged good-natured banter[1] with the Firefighters over social media. When asked about the rivalry, Myrington said, "they r sonice tho cant we just be frends??" [sic]. Despite this effort, the teams are not friends at the time of writing.

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