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The Mexico City Wild Wings team is composed of a diverse range of players - from the star pitcher who exists outside of time, to (formerly) an ordinary car tire piloted by rats, and a batter with the distinction of being the game's first part-seal player. Fans take pride in the diversity of the team, believing that it lends an unpredictability to their games, in which "anything can happen," good or bad.

Despite that unpredictability, the team's roster has been one of the most stable since the first season, with only one incineration and two roster swaps happening in that time, as well as the Alternate Reality decree swapping two players out for alternates. For this reason, fans consider the team to be a very tightly knit group of players, and generally disapprove of efforts to break up the team, preferring to seek goals which enhance the existing team than replace its members.

The roster changes all happened during the events of the 7th postseason and election, during which the Wild Wings qualified and won the playoffs for the first time. Fans recall those two days as a triumph tinged with sadness at the team changing forever, for the first time. In contrast to the Hades Tigers' approach of never looking back, like to take action to commemorate their fallen former players. For example, during Season β8, efforts were made to place José Haley and Miguel Wheeler next to each other in the Hall of Flame.

Though not as outspoken as other teams on the matter, owing to the events of the Wild Wings v. The Blaseball Gods, subsequent renaming, the events of the Season 7 Election and hostirically extremely poor results in blessings, weather events and Divine Favor (which prevented entry into the Season 8 playoffs), Wild Wings fans hold an ongoing grudge against The Blaseball Gods. However, they try to avoid feuds with other teams, observing that goals have been easier to achieve when teams work together. For this reason, they maintain generally friendly relations with other teams.


Local fans have given the team several nicknames to reflect them being located in Mexico City.

  • Las Alitas
  • Chilango Wings
  • Alas Defectuosas


During Wings games, The Bucket is often filled with chants from rowdy Wings fans. Some of the common ones heard are as follows.

  • Anything Can Happen — Adopted as an unofficial slogan; also used as a chant, typically when the team is either in a tricky situation, or have just recovered from one. Sometimes, "Anything. Can. Happen." for emphasis. Occasionally heard with the response: "Anything WILL Happen," or (upon success) "Anything DID Happen."
  • Wild Swings, Wild Flings, Wi-i-i-i-ld Wings! — A cheer performed either individually or as a three-stage call-and-response.
  • Wheels up! — Denoting the appearance of batter Miguel Wheeler. Accompanied by fans forming an "O" with their hands over their head.
  • Once! Twice! Three times a baby! — A cheer performed when Sylvia Rugrat strikes an opposing batter out.
  • Sosa puede! — A chant started when Sosa Hayes is up to bat.
  • Loving You Is Yong (I Don't Want To Be Wright) - Chanted when Yong Wright is up to bat.


One commonly held belief among Wings fans that the Wings win when they do not look at the scoreboard. However, science has yet to substantiate this claim.[Citation needed]

There is a recent superstition among fans that if one combines the correct flavors of wing sauces, dip 13 wings into that sauce, then raise the wing plate to the sky during the 6th inning, one will either (a) bless the team with The Flieri Shirt, an artifact which bestows unknown capabilities; or (2) immediately draft a fan into the team lineup.

Bone Claw Race

The "Bone Claw" Race takes place between the 4th and 5th inning of home games to honor and remember legendary Wings pitcher Mae "Bone Claw" Fuldera who mysteriously disappeared before the team was founded. The Race begins with the contestants placing a wing between each of their fingers on one hand and racing to see who can eat their way to a Bone Claw first. Legend has it that if a child beats their parent to the Bone Claw, the next Wings batter will get a text from their crush.