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Trinity Smaht was a player in the Shadows for the Miami Dale, and was with the team from the Season β20 elections until Fall Ball. Smaht has played for the Baltimore Crabs and Mexico City Wild Wings.

Official League Records

Smaht joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Baltimore Crabs on Season β17, Day 1 after the incineration of Chorby Soul.

Smaht was traded to the Mexico City Wild Wings in exchange for Fran Beans during the Season β19 elections via the Crabs' Equivalent Exchange will.

Smaht was traded to the Miami Dale in exchange for Summers Preston during the Season β20 elections via the Wild Wings' Equivalent Exchange will.

On Season β22, Day 106, Smaht retreated to the Dale's Shadows in exchange for Sixpack Santiago at Miami International Arena via the Ratified Voicemail.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Box of Trinity Smaht Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-18.683 and start reading...


Trinity Smaht was born in Boston alongside aer younger sibling Lorcan Smaht. The two of them were close growing up, getting into many childhood misadventures and shenanigans as siblings often do. An Avid lacrosse player, Trinity eventually earned a full ride scholarship to a school out of state, where ae moved to continue aer studies and play. At school Trinity was quick to join up with a local sorority due to aer love of parties and novelty T-shirts. Trinity did however leave as part of a mass walk out in aer first year, promptly joining the local chapter of the Party Animals where ae became known for being able to perform flawless makeup application while being “so drunk ae could barely stand”. During this time Trinity also became an avid lacrosse player with a tendency to “lose” the sleeves of any uniform shirt ae were given.

Delving into the Deep

During the 14th season of Internet League Blaseball, Smaht’s sibling Lorcan Smaht entered the shadows of the Baltimore Crabs. While the two had grown apart during their school years, Trinity was quick to pick up on changes in eir behaviors and habits since entering the shadows, and ae was sure ae knew the reason for it must be tied back to the heart of the city - The Olde One herself. Trinity was not present for the reckoning, and found aerself frustratingly locked out of the loop on what had happened that fateful night but ae was not one to let a mystery go so easily.

It is not entirely clear how this search went, and exactly how it ended. After chasing down a particularly promising lead on the Olde One Trinity Smaht dropped off the radar entirely for some time and was not seen again until ae joined the Baltimore Crabs. When Trinity awoke all ae was able to recall was a dark shape in the bay, and the faint sounds of spurs. It is also unclear how this experience changed aer, and if it was linked at all to the resurrection of Chorby Soul in Boston around the same time. Some reports say that Trinity is now linked to other versions of aerslef from across the dimensional barrier, not unlike the last disciple of the Olde One, Brock Forbes. Others say that ae is no longer truly alive at all, lacking in a pulse and held together by willpower and thread from deep within the bay. All that is known for sure is now there were two Smahts touched by the Olde One and attached to Baltimore. Crabs pitcher Adalberto Tosser commented that he “thinks Trin might have become her new favourite” before quickly clarifying that he “doesn’t think that is a good thing”.

Joining the Crabs

Trinity Smaht joined the Baltimore Crab’s rotation on Season 17 Day 1, replacing Chorby Soul in the lineup. Ae were quick to acclimatize to the new splort, though did prefer to bat with aer lacrosse stick and no one has tried to stop aer yet. Having grown up hearing stories of the Discipline era, Trinity was enamoured with meeting several of the Crabs in person and was able to get Kennedy Loser to sign the bat aer was meant to be playing with. Trinity was also delighted to discover Tot Fox, and gave her a collection of old clothes to try on and experiment with.

Later in season 17 when aer sibling Lorcan emerged from the shadows to play on the team the two of them shared a touching reunion, and as Lorcan grew into a five-star pitcher, the two celebrated the victory together all the while Trinity continued aer search for a way to help aer younger sibling. Trinity was not along in this search however, as being on the Crabs gave them access to Enid Marlow, an accomplished witch with an interest in necromancy. Marlow was drawn to understand exactly what happened to Trinity, and Trinity was happy to have someone to work with on solving the many mysteries of the city with. The pair was also delighted to discover the old notes of famed occultist, and ex-Crab, Baldwin Breadwinner. Throughout their research Marlow and Trinity often found themselves confounded by Pedro Davids however who appreciates their interest and rigorous research, but clashes with them frequently on truths that “would be better left buried”.

Joining the Wings

When first moving to Mexico City to play for the Wild Wings, Trinity became close friends with Fran Beans, whom ae were traded with. After Fran departed for Baltimore, Trinity spent much of aer time causing chaos with noted criminal Silvia Rugrat and Gastronomic Conjury Guild member Scarlet Caster. Scarlet taught Trinity how to swordfight (as Fran had with her), and Trinity makes sure to duel Fran whenever they meet.

Trinity also took advantage of aer time with the Wild Wings Legal Team by going to community college to become a lawyer. During that time ae developed a real passion for the profession, and thus interned with the Legal Team, working closely with Brock Watson. Ae graduated during Season β20, and let aerself get swept Elsewhere game 105 in order to go to her graduation ceremony. Brock had to pull her back a few games later so that she could continue to play in the Underbracket.

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