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The Core is the home of the Core Mechanics.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Core refers to both the giant underground space and the community that lives in it. There are many theories about the Core's origin and its ultimate purpose, but all can agree on one thing: the core is always Down.

The core is a vast, sprawling, and labyrinthian space filled with metal, fabric, brick, and many other materials. Aesthetically the Core is simultaneously steampunk and solar-punk and void-punk and neon-punk and cottage-punk and scene-punk: an aesthetic known as "core-core" in which every single -punk is present at the same time in a cluttered, clashing, and interconnected mess. There are tons of clashing aesthetics shaped by the different people who live there, each bringing their own personal taste with them. Every hallway is filled with the echoes of mechanics long forgotten but their preferences stamped on the spaces they formerly inhabited.

There are places in the Core that are quiet, and there are places that are noisy, and places that hum with a gentle energy.

There are many entrances and exits to the Core throughout the immaterial plane. From hidden nooks in libraries to manholes to stairs in back alleyways, one can always go Down anywhere to reach the core. There are many entrances throughout the world, and although it may be difficult it is possible to travel between countries through the core.

The Core is also where Unfire was first discovered.


The Core is home to many plants, animals, and things in between. For more information about beings native to the core, see the Core Bestiary.

Core Society

Core society is built on post-scarcity and radical collaboration. Everyone is free to work on projects and make their dreams reality. A cashless society, the core has no hierarchy, and operates in a largely gift economy. Everyone giving freely to support and enhance each other’s lives, knowing they will be supported and encouraged to thrive also. Social connections are tinkered with until support flows in the right amounts to the right places, and nobody needs to keep track of things because it all comes back around in the end. However, the core is not without coordinated institutions, the Core Organizations.

Nearly everyone in the core would describe themselves as some type of mechanic. "Mechanic" does not refer to any specific discipline, but may be any form for creative function. One can be an art mechanic, or a words mechanic, or a music mechanic, too. Instead of STEM the core encourages STEAMED HAMS: science, technology, engineering, art, math, education, doctoring, humanities, anthropology, music, and so on. Accomplishments and memories are revered in core society. One of these practices is the creation and distribution of Core Patches and another token objects.

Visiting the core is entirely voluntary. There is no force keeping people in the core besides personally wanting to stay. Some people visit occasionally when they need a hand or to get tech support or to learn new skills, while others prefer to spend time and stay for a while. If one loses interest, leaving the core and moving onto greener pastures is entirely encouraged. Whether intentionally or by chance the core often functions as a setting that encourages self-discovery and a drive to achieve one's goals. The core often leaves lasting impressions on its visitors, and they in turn leave lasting impressions on the core. When the universe is a mess and you've hit rock bottom, you can always know the core is Down there with you if you ever wish to visit or return.


Tinkering and curiosity are highly held values. Mechanics will often touch, mess with, and tinker with anything and everything just because it seems interesting. Mechanics are often overflowing with questions. Failure isn’t shameful or something to hide, and everyone is ready to console and support someone experiencing failure of any kind.

The mechanics are always improving everything, even themselves. Many people choose to self-modify in ways that help them feel comfortable in their own skin. This includes more than technology, ranging from addressing gender dysphoria to learning new skills to therapy sessions. This is not about "fixing" people - people are not broken - but rather rejecting traditional ideas of humanity, while embracing personhood, agency, and choice. Everyone in the core is free to answer the question "What would you do and be if you could control everything about yourself?" in their own way.

Core society emphasizes accessibility and personal freedom, and disability justice. If one has an idea, friendly core members will pitch in with ideas and offer to share valuable skills to build up one's skills until they can make that change happen. The core holds accessibility in very high regard, and there are no stigmas against those who cannot or choose not to make, as plentiful food replicators and pocket dimension generators mean anyone's basic needs are met.

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