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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

DownTown is a city in the Core, and the home of the Core Mechanics.


DownTown is located in a series of large caverns within the Core, linked by tunnels. Four megalithic Pillars hold up the city.

DownTown can be broken up into the following districts:

  • Uptown DownTown is the uppermost cavern, which holds warehouses and private residences as well as having a notable amount of parks and open, green spaces.
  • The City Center holds the Core Pillar Center, along with workshops, hydroponics facilities, and a statistically improbable number of swimming pools (Note: only one or two swimming pools tend to be open at a time, due to a statistically improbable number of swimming pool related incidents.)
  • The DownTown Outskirts are in the cavern which is usually geographically furthest from the City Center. When it is not geographically furthest, it is called the DownTown Inskirts. This district holds laboratories, meeting spaces, and headquarters for several Core Organizations. Additionally, expeditions into the Deep Core typically launch from here.
  • Notwest DownTown is largely taken up by the B.A.C.K. archives, and contains several schools and universities.

Transport in DownTown is mostly by tram, with an extensive network connecting the major city districts. A number of alternative transport options, such as zip-lines and the Maintenance Closet system, are available as well.

Notable Locations

Research and Education

The Anaconda-Cademy

Founded and currently run by Ilane Snart, the Anaconda-Cademy is a scientific university with a focus on interdisciplinary study, research and collaboration. It features state of the art laboratories and the highly regarded 'Anaconda-Ponder', a quarterly science journal. The Anaconda-Cademy is not currently taking on students, but does host regular lecture series, fireside chats, and short courses, both in person and through live-streaming services.

Alternate Realities

The Maintenance Closet Network

The Maintenance Closet Network is a fluke of Core hyper-reality, wherein sometimes certain places can be the same even when they probably shouldn’t be but also aren’t the same all the time. It’s been the source of several academic papers, one of which won an award for being the most confusing publication in a given year and two of which were runners up, as well as at least twenty career changes. Thirteen of them were researchers who decided to take a radical new direction in life with four of them leaving the Core and vowing never to return, and seven of them were people who cited the Maintenance Closet Network as the reason why they got into Dimensional Studies in the first place.

Entering in one Maintenance Closet can lead to you exiting from a different Maintenance Closet. While some of these links are stable or semi-stable, most of them are not. Sometimes Maintenance Closets are just Maintenance Closets, sometimes they lead to random places in the Core or on the Immaterial Plane, sometimes they lead to random times or alternate dimensions. There are seven stable Maintenance Closets in the DownTown Area. Two of them lead to each other, which is a very rare occurrence, two are one way paths to unstable closets in other parts of DownTown, one leads to a Maintenance Closet in a research outpost 130 miles out of DownTown, one is just a Maintenance Closet and doesn’t go anywhere and one consistently leads to itself in a different universe where Dligestive Biscuits have never existed.

There are four semi-stable Maintenance Closets. One leads to a random Maintenance Closet in the Red Moat, one leads to one of five different facilities around or within the Prophesea, one leads to the Haydrian Mass Foundries and one leads to [DATA EXPUNGED. RELOADING SIMULATION.]

The Glolf Sim

Following the introduction of Alternate PolkaDot Patterson (Alto Patterson) to the Core, some aspects of their reality were dragged through with them. This included a simulation of several Glolf players which can be found within one Maintenance Closet within the Core. The location of this Maintenance Closet shifts so it is considered a pleasant surprise for Mechanics to accidentally stumble on to.

Food and Drink

The Foxhole

The Foxhole is a nonalcoholic bar notable for a variety of colourful mocktails and bar snacks. The bar hosts various mecha-sports, including wrestling and gladiatorial combat.


Pasta/Sauce is an American-style diner. It was founded by Ruffian Applesauce and Lizzy Pasta. Following Applesauce's death and Pasta's move to Hawai'i, the diner temporarily closed before Mindy Kugel reopened it at the request of the Core Mechanics.

It is a popular hangout spot for the Mechanics, who go there after every game and before election results are announced.

Recently, Pasta/Sauce has expanded its milkshake collection following Kugel’s newfound scientific interests. While everything remains food-safe, the milkshakes now have brighter colours, increased fizz and a tendency to violently erupt everywhere. This is considered part of the Pasta/Sauce experience and there is a wall of pictures of people with exploding milkshakes behind the counter.

The Secret Base Teashop and Cafe

The Secret Base Teashop and Cafe, run by Kofi Gildehaus, is a teashop and cafe in Uptown DownTown, near the S.H.A.D.O.W.S. warehouse.

The Secret Base serves a wide variety of teas, your favourite coffee, and a range of snacks and sweet treats. With its cozy atmosphere, eclectic collection of books donated or traded in by Core denizens, and out-of-the-way location, it’s a delightful way to spend an afternoon in uptown DownTown. It’s also a favoured hang out spot for the Core Mechanics Shadow Team and often fan favourites like Bottles Suljak or Jasper Ji-Eun can be found in the Secret Base Teashop and Cafe.

The Secret Base Teashop and Cafe looks forward to welcoming you soon!

The Secret Base Teashop and Cafe is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the Core and prospective customers are advised to complete three separate training courses offered by Core Organizations D.O.W.N., R.I.G.H.T. and F.R.O.N.T.. C.E.N.T.E.R. also requests that anyone going in wears recording equipment, as if the footage can be found later, it could provide insights into the nature of one of the strangest part of the Core.

The Secret Base Teashop and Cafe has no known affiliation with the Secret Base stadium renovation despite the name and certain thematic ties.