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Gia Holbrook was a pitcher for the Core Mechanics, and was with the team from the Descension until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Holbrook joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Core Mechanics during the Descension.

During the Season β14 elections, Holbrook received the Maximalist modification as a result of the Garages' receiving the Min-Maxing blessing.

During the Season β17 elections, Holbrook's batting was increased 3.8 5.1 and baserunning decreased 2.7 2.4 as a result of the Mechanics' Transfuse will.

During the Season β21 elections, Holbrook's alternate was called and arrived with the Negative modification as a result of the Handful Alternate Trust blessing.

On Season β22, Day 1, Holbrook retreated to the Mechanics' Shadows in exchange for Kelvin Drumsolo at the Core Pillar Center via the Ratified Voicemail.

Over the course of Season β23, Holbrook entered and exited the Mechanics' Shadows three times as a result of Core Pillar Center Fax Machine events, ending the Season on the pitching rotation.

Over the course of Season β24, Holbrook entered and exited the Mechanics' Shadows two times as a result of Core Pillar Center Fax Machine events, ending the Season on the pitching rotation.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Holbrook is an AI who hops between multiple different types of robot bodies, and a batter for the Core Mechanics.


Gia Holbrook doesn't refer to her name as an acronym most of the time except when it's funny, in which case Gia stands for Gay, I'm gAy.

Holbrook is peppy and personable, and loves experiencing new things, trying on new forms, and constantly changing and trying to find new experiences. She loves hearing about others' areas of interest, and often eggs people on until they start infodumping and then gets way too into what they're talking about. People who vent about a problem or tricky situation they have will often find Holbrook showing up the next day with a new chassis purpose-built to help with their problem.

Holbrook is a romantic at heart. She discovered "girl" as a gender and is currently trying it out; so far it’s been working for her. She doesn't particularly like labels, but is very broadly and effusively ambiguously gay.


Holbrook was originally a task scheduling subroutine in a Core calendar program that was given the ability to self-modify for load balancing purposes. Eventually she slowly began gaining sentience and the beginnings of an identity, and began piecing together the existence of a world beyond her system. Holbrook was discovered after the appearance of weird printouts like "hello! i figured out how to think! can you plug me into a body? i think i'd like to have one". Eventually Holbrook was transferred out of the program and into her first body, a rolling rover with a mic and a camera, which she still keeps to this day. After Holbrook was freed from this computer, she was incredibly excited to find out what the words she had been scheduling, such as “go shopping” and “make dinner” and “work on LED sculpture” meant firsthand.

The origin of Holbrook's last name is unknown. One rumor states that she was exploring and tried to jump across a creek, but shorted out due to faulty waterproofing. Upon swapping to a fresh chassis, Holbrook explained that she tried to jump across a brook. "a whole brook??" replied the friend, which Holbrook decided sounded like a cool name.

Holbrook bats with a hard light hammer, with a cobbled-together handle.


Holbrook is on a grand quest to figure out what sort of person she wants to be. She's constantly trying on new styles of clothing, dabbling in all kinds of different hobbies, and throwing herself wholeheartedly into whatever she does. She believes knowing herself is putting herself through as many things as possible and observing how she grows. Being "human" isn't her end goal, or anything aspirational - she likes to pick and choose what aspects of humanity to apply to herself and what aspects from non-human things she vibes with.

Gia once died trying to give herself a birthday. At her funeral, as per Core tradition Gia gave her own eulogy (using a different, non-blown-to-pieces body), stating "i am so great and cool and my loss will be felt by everyone". Since then, Gia has been pretty sure her birthday is May 22.

Holbrook is good friends with the space telescope ORBIT, and often speaks to it using machine language to speed up their conversation. ORBIT, in turn, is protective of Holbrook, and has occasionally made recommendations to other members of the Mechanics for presents that they could give to Gia.

Multiple Chassis

Holbrook can use NFC to hop between multiple different chassis. Holbrook will often casually build a body on a whim to try out a new feeling or hobby, because she can. A glowing blue core which lights up when Holbrook's inside. The shape of the core varies from body to body, but serves as a way for outsiders to tell which chassis Holbrook is currently controlling.

Holbrook has a bad habit of leaving her various bodies lying around as she hops between them. She has a body built for sunbathing because she wanted to know what that was like, but she got distracted by someone knocking on her door and hopped out, leaving it there. At least one chassis can usually be seen standing in the kitchen for when she feels like cooking - she doesn't need to cook, but she has bodies specialized for appreciating the taste and texture, and also gets incredibly excited about cooking for her friends.

Holbrook can also go bodiless sometimes and hitch a ride as just her consciousness in someone else’s chassis, if they’re compatible with her. She only does this with people she really trusts.

Holbrook has been spotted in a variety of chassis, including:

  • Her house-chassis, or one of its many variants that Holbrook may be tinkering with at any given moment
  • A really small cow
  • A neon dress with eight metal legs peeking out from under it, packed with sensors and solar panels for sunbathing
  • A Holbrooknt boat (currently undergoing maintenance after carelessly getting stuck in a canal)
  • A plant lamp, to feel what it's like to help plants grow
  • A toaster

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