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Rewrite of Team Culture Section

Geometea (talkcontribs)

(Have discussed with hillexed) Rewrite of the Team Culture section to be specifically about the in-universe blaseball team as well as fan culture more generally, replacing the current section. Also, add community lore header.

Proposed Update:

Team Culture

The Core Mechanics Officially Named Player Lifelong Association of Yaaaaaaay (or C.M.O.N.P.L.A.Y.) fields teams for several splorts at several levels and takes charge of ensuring that all divinely mandated splorting quotas are met. It is not part of Core Culture and is, at best, seen as an outside attempt to mimic the Core Organizations.

While the Blaseball team is technically a subsidiary of C.M.O.N.P.L.A.Y., they frequently bash them in press conferences and have several notes on record about 'how are they so good at doing what we tell them to in the worst way possible?'. The Core Mechanics have no fixed captain and, instead, the player credited with being team captain seems to randomly shift between every member of the team. This is often used to get out of signing paperwork, to destroy paperwork, to justify barely legal plays or equipment, or just to make anyone who wants to talk to the team captain run around for hours.

Most of the Mechanics are explicitly members of L.E.F.T. and are adept at modifying C.M.O.N.P.L.A.Y. logos into being L.E.F.T. logos.


C.O.A.C.H. was originally a platform developed by C.M.O.N.P.L.A.Y. to enable fans to offer criticism of play. After realizing that it was poorly moderated and had a series of gaping vulnerabilities, a dedicated group of DownTown residents hijacked the site and set it up as a platform for strategic analysis and suggestions for the team with a strong focus on optimisitic and constructive support and cheering for all the players.

Custom Bats

The overall culture of the Core encourages creativity, innovation and creativeness. One of the rituals for any new Mechanics player, pitcher or batter, is to craft a custom bat which represents that player. These range from painted wooden bats to elaborate mechanical contraptions capable of vaporizing balls. Many of these are dubiously legal at best.

One of the key ways to communicate intimaacy between blaseball players in the Core is to exchange bats. This ritual is performed at weddings, before solar eclipse games or simply as a highly intimate personal gesture between two individuals who are very close.

There is an unofficial ranking of bats based on how much damage they could potentially do to an umpire. Ruffian Applesauce still holds the record.

Cheating Accusations

While no one has succesfully accused and proven allegations of cheating, there have been several ILB regulations put in place in order to attempt to restrict the Mechanics from their more visible experiments with the limits of league-authority tolerance. The most famous example of this was the short-lived jerseys-per-player rule which attempted to restrict each player to a single jersey, which every part of them had to be in contact with. After Bees Taswell literally dethreaded a jersey and tied it around each individual pollinator before fielding the entire pitch by themself and Gia Holbrook proceeded to attempt to one-up this by using all of her individual bodies to create what she called 'the Ultimate Gia-pocalypse' the regulation was quietly scrapped.

Pitching Perfectly

The Mechanics descended during Chorby Soul's record breaking foul ball count and quickly realized that pitching was a great way to break the game. Having already had a lot of talented pitchers, the Mechanics recruited more and focused on building up their rotation to truly dizzying heights. Pitching Practice and Shadows Pitching Practice are very important events and take place in a dedicated building featuring a Blaseball court, several laboratories and the RIV To The Lineup But We're Different lecture hall. They frequently have guest speakers including Original PolkaDot Patterson and other legendary pitchers as well as scientists, inventors, and members of the Throw Ball Good society of amateur pitch-ologists.


The Core Mechanics' shadows are considered a vital part of the team. Based out of the S.H.A.D.O.W.S. warehouse, they work to keep the Core Pillar Center running, repair equipment using the Smithy and man the Stadium Renovations.

Fan Culture



  • Core Down Gears Up Mechs Good!
  • Down and Out!
  • MAXIMUM!!!!

Player Specific

Maintenance Mode

Core Mechanics fans often cheer for their players to have their blood drained, or gain an alarming grin when facing siphons. While Maintenance Mode took a while to trigger, and for a long time fans weren't sure what would count to trigger it, many fans credit it for the Season 20 Championship and the idea of rising up stronger with every hit back is a strong theme in Mechanics fan culture.

Heist Time

Fans of the Mechanics have a penchant for complicated plans. Most elaborate of these was the 'Zo-Yo', where the Mechanics successfully traded Shirai McElroy for Zoey Kirchner only to move McElroy into the shadows. Others include frequent debates about ways to exploit Party Time and other slingshot mechanics, the 'Data Crimes' plan where fans of a lot of teams fluted to the Society Data Witches to give gifts to their actual teams, and 'Signal the Sleuths' where fans of the Mechanics spearheaded a plan to use the up-shelling mechanic to send a message to Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend.

N1tr00 (talkcontribs)

The "Pitching Perfectly" Section links to the wrong Chorby, should be Chorby Short.

Otherwise: Love it, great stuff in there!

Updating the Mechanics season results

Unsnopable (talkcontribs)

Season 18

The Pillars were renovated to increase Coffee 2 weather as well as clean up the stadium, making it no longer Filthy.

The Mechanics finished with 59 wins and a 59-40 record, coming second in Mild High and advancing to the playoffs. They defeated the Flowers 3-2 in the finals for their first recorded Internet Series Championship, totaling in four championships (including three unrecorded ones from before the Descension). They received the Move will, moving Mindy Kugel from the Lineup to the Shadows. They also received the Alternate Trust will, calling Kelvin Andante's Alternate with Negative. Jaylen Hotdogfingers was also targeted by the Flowers' Equivalent Exchange will, sending back Allan Kranch.

Season 19

The Pillars were renovated to become 12% more fortified and add Hoops and LCD Soundsystem.

The Mechanics finished with 50 unwins (thanks to Turntables) and a 52-57 record, coming fourth in Mild High. They received the Shadow Infuse will, infusing Polkadot Patterson's batting. They also received the Foreshadow will, foreshadowing Bees Taswell for Agan Harrison. Agan was immediately stolen by the Shoe Thieves' Now Hiring blessing.

Season 20

The Pillars were renovated to become 8% more Grandiose and add Tunnels and Balloons.

The Mechanics finished with 69 wins and a 67-32 record, coming second in Mild High and advancing to the playoffs. They beat the Spies 3-2 in the Internet Series, claiming their second recorded championship (five total). They received the Move and Equivalent Exchange wills, which they used to perform a "Yo-yo" maneuver, exchanging Shirai McElroy for Zoey Kirchner on the Steaks, only to immediately move Shirai back to their Shadows.

Season 21

The Pillars were renovated to add Voicemail, Peanut Mister, and Flood Balloons.

The Mechanics finished with 75 wins and a 65-34 record, coming first in Mild High and advancing to the playoffs. They were beaten 3-1 in the first round of the playoffs by the Fridays. They received their first blessings in six seasons, the first being Big Head Mode, which gave Adelaide Judochop Magnified and one level of Ego. Their second blessing was Handful Alternate Trust, calling the Alternate for Cannonball Sports, Gia Holbrook, Mindy Kugel, Mira Lemma, and Christian Combs, as well as giving all of them Negative. They also received the Equivalent Exchange will, exchanging Polkadot Patterson for Augusto Reddick, as well as the Shadow Infuse will, infusing Kelvin Drumsolo's batting.

Season 22

The Pillars were renovated to add Phantom Thieves' Guild, Light Switch, and Flood Pumps.

The Mechanics finished with 62 wins and a 55-44 record, coming third in Mild High. They received the Swap will, sending Jolene Willowtree to the Shadows and moving Ilane Snart to their rotation. They also received the Shadow Infuse will, infusing Bees Taswell's batting.

Alter Eagle (talkcontribs)

This is all Official League Records, and as such does not require talk paging or the 24 hour wait time. You're welcome to add this to the page straight away!

i saw this saying and i had to make this joke

Hillexed2 (talkcontribs)

It's said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. When this saying first reached the Core, a society already without taxes, it was interpreted as a challenge. Because jumping between bodies is so common in the core, many normally fatal injuries such as Incineration may result in D.O.W.N emergency protocols activating and residents waking up safely in a backup body. Core residents give their own eulogies at their funerals, which symbolize turning points and the lessons learned (or lack thereof). This occasionally poses problems for Core residents accidentally declared legally dead, no matter how many hours one spends explaining to an umpire that they're perfectly fine and have five more backup bodies in their closet for various occasions (and are working on a sixth with a really cool built-in grappling hook).

Hillexed2 (talkcontribs)

I wanted to link to the Core Organizations and The Core pages here while still giving a broad overview! anyone have any suggestions?

Team Culture

The Core Mechanics, like the rest of Core society, are known for their post-scarcity generosity, radical collaboration, emphasis on accessibility, and positive transhumanism as a tool for personal freedom. Core society offers people the chance to answer the question "What would you do and be if you had total control over yourself?" For some people, one part of that answer is "play blaseball", and those are the Core Mechanics.

The Core Mechanics live in The Core, which is Down. One can get there by going Down from anywhere. The Core is filled with tons of loose, fluid, informal Core Organizations of people who share common interests. The Core Mechanics are one such informal organization for those interested in Blaseball.

The Core community helps make anyone's dreams real, whether by modifying themselves, creating assistive devices, personalizing their clothes and selves with buttons, fabric, changing parts, or more. Changing bodies in the Core is as easy as changing clothes. Hailing from a wide variety of backgrounds, the Core Mechanics are simultaneously steampunk and solar-punk and void-punk and neon-punk and cottage-punk and scene-punk: an aesthetic known as "core-core" in which every single -punk is present at the same time in a cluttered, clashing, and interconnected mess.

While a Core Mechanic is someone who plays for the team, everyone in the Core is a Core mechanic. "Mechanic" does not refer to any specific discipline, but may be any form of creative function. One can be an art mechanic, or a words mechanic, or a music mechanic, or a feelings mechanic. For more information, see The Core.

Bililun (talkcontribs)

love it! succinct overview while still providing the important info.

minor note, pretty sure the link for the Core page is Core not The Core.

ZweiHawke (talkcontribs)

Hi there, NeonRunes/Khauss no longer wants to be associated with blaseball, and I would like to posit a change of logo on the team page and the team(s) page to the logo listed below.

User credited is @ZweiHawke or ZweiHawke#0173

Geometea (talkcontribs)

Would like to suggest finding some way of loading a random logo from a list, as we have multiple popular logo submissions (and would be very Core)

Hillexed2 (talkcontribs)

That logo looks good to me!

Hillexed2 (talkcontribs)

I'd like to link to the Core, D.O.W.N, and CORNERS on this page!

Hillexed2 (talkcontribs)

- The core is a post-scarcity place where everyone is free to work on projects and make their dreams reality. optimism and radical collaboration. A cashless society, the core has no hierarchy, and operates in a largely gift economy.

- The Core is steampunk and solarpunk and voidpunk and neonpunk and cottagepunk at the same time in a cluttered interconnected mess called "corecore". There are tons of clashing aesthetics shaped by the different tastes of the people who live there.

- many theories about what the core exactly is, but all can agree it's always down.

- You can go Down anywhere to reach the core, but the core is in and of itself vast and sprawling and labyrinthian, and going Down anywhere doesn’t actually mean you make it to where you gotta go.

- emphasis on accessibility

- people visit by choice to get help or tech support or learn new skills, and are free to leave at any time. There is no force keeping people in the core besides personally wanting to stay.

- The core has many entrances around the world, and it is possible to travel between countries through the core.

XenoCake (talkcontribs)

Corecore to the Core!

Hillexed2 (talkcontribs)

Update: Put some of this on Core! Some of this could probably go onto the main page too

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