Wyatt Mason IX

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Wyatt Mason IX was a pitcher for the New York Millennials, and was with the team from the Second Wyatt Masoning until being echoed into Static on Season β14, Day 77.

Official League Records

Mason IX joined the ILB as a pitcher for the New York Millennials in Season β14 as part of the Second Wyatt Masoning.

Wyatt Mason IX and Wyatt Mason XI echoed each other into Static when meeting on Day 77 of the same season.

Community Lore

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Wyatt Mason IX Across Dimensions

In the Interdimensional Rumor Mill’s library, there’s an always-evolving book titled Wyatt Mason IX’s Rumor Registry. A bookmark sticks out from between the pages, labelled IF-37.479 and marking the following entry...

Second Wyatt Masoning

Wyatt Mason IX was pulled in through the Rift along with 12 other Wyatt Masons in the Second Wyatt Masoning. Reports that they may have “hatched” from Patty Fox’s 9-blood blagonball are unsubstantiated, as no one was able to agree on anything other than that they arrived and were quickly accepted as a member of the team. This process was helped and hindered by the fact that Nines (as they were quickly nicknamed) insisted fae had always been a member of the Millennials, or at least since season 3. This interdimensional confusion was familiar to fellow Millennials ████ █████ and Andrew Solis, and in the 5 days Nines was on the Millennials, they were known to get along very well with most of their teammates, but those two particularly.
Mason IX was said to have looked a bit like Chorby Soul. He was usually seen in a Mills hoodie and headphones.

Life in Original Universe

It was hard to glean information from Mason about their home universe, especially as they were only in ours for 5 days, and spent a lot of that time asking questions rather than answering. What information he did give is as follows:

Wyatt Mason (the IX was not part of his original name, he claims) was the player hatched after Chorby Soul was incinerated. They were, at first, a batter for the Millennials, and then were moved to pitching, as they were much better at it.

When asked about Sandie Turner, Chorby’s replacement in our world, Nines said “The microphone siren?” and refused to answer further questions on the matter, claiming a sudden headache.

Wyatt Mason, in their world, was a fairly good pitcher and DJ, and claimed to have never experienced any sort of reality-bending events (“at least, not more than usual”) before this one. Fae did confirm that Day X happened in faer world, although Dominic Marijuana was never incinerated, and Thomas Dracaena was instead the Millennial who appeared on the Hall Stars. Further questioning on this matter had to be dropped, as Nines was very upset at the topic of their team captain’s apparent death.

Mason was said to be very disoriented by the cross-universal differences.

Static and Post-Static

Wyatt Mason IX echoed into static static static static static static with Wyatt Mason XI on Day 77.

It was always going to happen. It was a setup.

However, someone then continued to pitch for the rest of the game, defying expectations and certain laws of reality. The pitcher must throw the ball.

When asked about how this feat was accomplished, the Millennials issued the group statement of “It’s sensitive, okay? Like, emotionally sensitive. They were a good pitcher, and a good kid.”

On days when Battin’ Island’s Psychoacoustics have Resonated in Feedback, some have claimed to see Nines, or at least the blurred silhouette of them, among the crowd. However, these rumors are unfounded.


  • Nines was said to have a visual distortion effect similar to the one seen on something placed too close to a loudspeaker.
  • In keeping with Mills tradition, he had a side hustle. Fae was a DJ at a “24/9” radio station, where he played "lo-fi beats to hate capitalism to". He was going to have a “celebratory interdimensional concert”, but Static necessitated it be cancelled.
  • He was a huge fan of the Garages, and they were delighted to know that a version of them actually played for the Garages, although they never did see MaX perform.
  • They helped rewire the Psychoacoustics that had pulled them into this reality, claiming to “have a knack for this kind of thing.”

Everything is possible, so everything is true, so this can’t be wrong, but…

this doesn’t feel right.



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