The New Aeronautics, Space, and Worms Administration (NASWA)

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The New Aeronautics, Space, and Worms Administration (NASWA) is an scientific institute located outside Wapakoneta, Ohio. NASWA works in tandem with The Ohio Worms and is responsible for many of the teams technologic and metaphysic advancements.

The official emblem of NASWA

NASWA Directives

1. Document the effects of Blaseball

Rather than trying to change or predict how blaseball will act, NASWA aims to study the effects it has on the Immaterial Plane or surrounding world.

2. Disseminate Information

It is not enough to discover how blaseball is changing the world(s), others must be made aware of these changes so they can plan accordingly.

3. Expand our Ability to Understand

Enable all who would increase the ways we can study the splort and help them do the best to their capacity.

4. Develop Responses

As we come to an understanding about the way that blaseball is changing the universe, develop mechanism to mitigate or adapt to those changes both to serve Directive 3 and preserve our ability to continue to pursue Directive 1

Campus Locations

The NASWA HQ Building

The heart and soul of the New Aeronautics, Space, and Worms Association. This building houses the administrative suite. Every choice, Project, Exhibition, or Experiment is approved by the people working in this building before it goes to any other site.

The Wyrmcoil Orbital Launcher

A low energy orbital launcher Dr. Wilkes assembled after many trips to Althio. Fashioned from technology crafted in the alternative dimension, this launcher uses centrifugal force to catapult all manner of payloads into orbit with almost no energy cost compared to traditional launching strategies.

The Helioseismology Lab

Originally constructed to track the differences between the Sun and the Sun 2 this lab’s focus on Pressure and its relation to the events of blaseball made the lab in invaluable tool for planning an escape from the Black Hole (Black Hole) at the end of Season β24

The eDensity Lab

A state of the art EDensity wave pool meant to help better understand the nature of eDensity, Levels, and Consumers. This Lab tracked the descent of The Ohio Worms as they fell towards the Blaseball 2 gate and fought consumers off.

The NASWA Medical Center

A state of the art hospital and medical center for examining blaseball players as well as anyone else who has had inordinate contact with the reality distorting mechanics of the game.

The Immaterial Botany Lab

Started in conjunction with Cantus Hojo the botany lab is the center of plant life study in Ohio. The team explores connections at large between the green and leafy world and the world of blaseball.

Areas of Study

Contrary to popular opinion the Worms in NASWA does not always refer to the earth boring creatures but rather the study of the effects of playing blaseball on the Ohio Worms. The history of the team implies a certain level of skill that, upon arrival, the team did not live up to. Part of NASWA’s mission statement is to uncover more details in that mystery.

Since the Evolution of other teams, as well as the inclusion of several Evolved teams in the Breach event, NASWA has attempted to learn more about Player Evolution and how it is realized in players both before and after the evolutionary event.

Because it is impossible to study Blaseball without the Gods that interfere in the game, NASWA is keenly interested in discovering how far the deity’s power actually spreads and to what ends they are able to affect the game.

Director Helena Wilkes

Director Wilkes is the head of NASWA and has been with the organization since its inception. Her personal philosophies can be found in the way NASWA strives to remain open-source, and non-profit. Her drive for discovery at nearly cost drives the team forward everyday and she is beloved by many if not all of her compatriots

NASA Rivalry

Often compared to NASA, the NASWA staff have found themselves forming something of a one-sided feud with the other national organization. The resentment mostly springs from the staff's feelings that NASA is beholden to bureaucratic red tape and governmental oversight while NASWA prides itself on the ability to freely ask and answer questions of their own volition. NASWA takes absolute pride in putting forth discoveries that would have gone overlooked by the larger scientific community due to lack of curiosity or funding. The staff is not afraid of the fallout associated with an unpopular piece of information made public and often strives to unearth dirty scientific secrets. All projects NASWA embarks upon are published under a specific license that allows common access to anyone. Likewise anyone who has a project in mind can come to NASWA and as long as the results are published with them under these rules, will help create a viable project even where only an idea existed before.