Augusta Chadwell Memorial Park and Promenade

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Augusta Chadwell Memorial Park and Promenade is a monument that honors the incinerated players of Internet League Blaseball. The monument is located near the Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Fans leave flowers and mementos to those honored. The park has a water fountain in the center with a wall containing inscribed names of the fallen players. When a visitor puts their hand on the name the letters give off an eerie otherworldly glow.

Glowing crystals, from the Ohio Caverns, line the promenade. They light up at night to help guide pedestrians in the dark.

Glowworms are also seen living on the trees lining the promenade.


The Ohio Worms fans and team led the finance and construction of the monument after Team Captain Augusta Chadwell's incineration on Season β13, Day 89.

The first addition to the park was constructed after former Worms player Luis Acevedo was incinerated on Season β17, Day 2.

The next addition to the park came on Season 17, Day 62, following the incineration of Dallas Steaks player Allison Abbott, the fiancée of Worms player Kichiro "Kichi" Guerra. The memorial was constructed by Guerra with the help of Farrell Seagull.

A small memorial for former Ohio Worms batter Pitching Machine was constructed following their preservation in the vault on Season β18, Day 99.

After the incineration of Igneus "Iggy" Delacruz on Season β19 Day 22,, Kaz Fiasco helped the Hellmouth Sunbeams and Ohio Worms make memorial lanterns for their former teammate. One lantern hangs in the promenade, while the other burns in a place of pride in Sigmund Castillo's common room.

When Jacoby Podcast was traded to the Baltimore Crabs for Parker Meng during the Season β19 elections, a scheme the Ohio Worms planned with Meng, a Podcast memorial plaque was mysteriously placed in the promenade that read “Here lies Jacoby Podcast, devoted friend to team captain, Xandra Pancakes”. Podcast, notably, has not been incinerated at this time (nor a friend of Pancakes).

List of Names of the Honored