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Knighted is a Modification which debuted during the election of Season 1. It is applied to players who are sworn at by Knight Umpires during Solar Eclipse (Silver) Weather.


When a player is sworn at in Solar Eclipse (Silver) Weather, they immediately retreat to their team's Shadows. If the team has another player in their Shadows, they will "clock in" to the active roster, similar to a (K)Night Shift. If a player ends up being Sworn in during an Election, a new player will join the ILB in order to replace them, if the Team has no players in their Shadows.

Knighted players in their team's Shadows can experience events while their team is playing, noted in the game log. Observed effects to date are:

  • A Knighted player finds a Heart, and feels renewed - receiving an overall increase of their Player Attributes.
  • A Knighted player "retreats from the sound of scuttling" - resulting in an overall decrease in their Player Attributes.

Additional effects of this Modification, including the effect of Knighted on players relocated to a team's active roster, are currently unknown.


The Knighted Modification first appeared following the passing of the NEW Open the Forbidden Book Decree in the Season 1 Elections. Simon Haley of the Canada Moist Talkers was targeted by the (then-unidentified) Knight Umpire, gained the Knighted Modification, and "embarked on a side quest" in the Moist Talkers' Shadows. Additional players were "sworn at" by the Knight Umpire throughout Season 2.

The following players have gained the Knighted modification:

Player Team Replacement Swearing-date
Simon Haley Canada Moist Talkers Pixie Carberry Season 1 Elections
Letitia Diop Mexico City Wild Wings Arugula Hadji Season 2, Day 12
Sevgi Gore Houston Spies Scratch Deleuze Season 2, Day 35
Muna Sichantha San Francisco Lovers (No replacement) Season 2, Day 41
Chambers Simmons Seattle Garages (No replacement) Season 2, Day 50
Flan Prince Charleston Shoe Thieves (No replacement) Season 2, Day 82
Chibodee Alighieri Core Mechanics Svetlana Shepard Season 2 Elections

The following players have experienced events while questing:

Player Event Date
Chambers Simmons Found a heart Season 2, Day 71
Flan Prince Retreated from scuttling Season 2, Day 91

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