Tough Love Dimension

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Line drawing of Parker Meng and Kichiro Guerra's alternates from the Tough Love Dimension taking a selfie together. Parker is winking playfully and saying "Cheese!"
Kichiro Guerra and Parker Meng's alternates from the Tough Lover dimension. Art by @pizzakermit.

At the end of season 4, San Francisco Lovers Kichiro Guerra and Parker Meng switched places with their doubles in an alternate dimension, informally referred to in this world as the "Tough Love Dimension."

In the Tough Love Dimension, the Lovers grew out of a competitive blaseball game between two polycules, with Parker Meng as captain. They went on to dominate the Internet Blaseball League, winning three championships in the first four seasons. The Lovers are still a passionate and loving team formed around overlapping polycules, but they have a more competitive mindset and are less openly sentimental. The alternate Kichiro and Parker are frequently dismissive of frankly expressed sentiment

Other known facts about the Tough Love dimension:

  • Helga is one woman with one body, masquerading as two separate women for reasons unknown.
  • Jessica Telephone is a mediocre player who has trouble hitting sliders. She is also a vegetarian.
  • Percival Wheeler has a shaved head.
  • Unflattering photos of Paula Turnip wearing a brightly colored clothing line called DAZZLE, which she was endorsing, became a meme.
  • Kichiro Guerra is a magical girl, but keeps it a carefully guarded secret.
  • The Seattle Garages go by a different name.and Allison Abbott isn't in a band.
  • Kennedy Meh is named Kennedy Map and is enthusiastic about maps and navigation.
  • Sigmund Castillo is exactly the same but everything inside of them is upside down. They also have a thirst for blood.
  • The LA Tacos original roster was very successful, and the team never broke off from The Dilsney Company. They were instead formed into a hyper-cooperate entity known as Tacos Ltd.