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Subtractor is a Player Modification, first seen during the Season β19 Elections via the Subtractor Blessing.


When a Player with Subtractor bats in a Run or Unrun, the polarity will be flipped. This causes Runs to become Unruns (or negative Runs) and Unruns to become Runs (positive Runs). Subtractor has no effect on the performance of pitchers.


The Subtractor modification was first seen during the Season β19 elections as a result of the Subtractor Blessing. The Ohio Worms earned the blessing, giving the modification to a random lineup player in the league not on the Worms, which resulted in Canada Moist Talkers player Cedric Spliff receiving the modification.

Subtractor was next seen during the Season β20 Latesiesta as part of the Subtractor Bat Drop offering in the Gift Shop. Players were granted Bat Items with the Subtractor modification. Only the Atlantis Georgias received a Subtractor Bat, the Smokey Rock Shoes of Subtraction, granting it to Flattery McKinley.

Subtractor was later seen again in the Season β22 Elections with the Subtractor Avoidance Blessing, which was won by the Hawai'i Fridays, granting a player on every other team Subtractor.


  • The Smokey Rock Shoes of Subtraction, the item granted to Flattery McKinley via the Gift Shop, is the only Subtractor item to be generated so far. Despite this, at least two copies exist due to an item duplication situation with the Bargain Bin similar to the Clutch Wooden Rock Ring.

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