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Silvia Winner was a lineup player for the San Francisco Lovers, and was with the team from the Return of Blaseball until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Winner joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the San Francisco Lovers with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β17 elections, Winner joined the San Francisco Lovers' pitching rotation in exchange for Milo Brown via the Lovers' Foreshadow Will.

During the Season β21 elections, Winner joined the San Francisco Lovers' lineup in exchange for Jacob Winner via the Lovers' Roster Swap Will.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Winner (she/her) is most known for her unconventional “Ball and Arrow” pitching technique, which utilizes a medieval crossbow as the preferred launching method, Silvia Winner is a transgender shapeshifting dragon who has lived for hundreds if not thousands of years. When she’s not towering over the peasants and their thatch-roofed cottages in her silver-scaled dragon form, she can be found living amongst them in her humanoid form, usually under the guise of a grey haired middle-aged woman with an athletic build, but not always. Because, as Winner puts it, "That's one of the perks of being a shapeshifter, after all."

Winner prides herself on her ability to learn skills. There’s nothing Winner can’t accomplish through sheer practice, determination, and willpower. Even her ability to shapeshift was self-taught out of a desire to be something more than “just an ordinary dragon”. Once shapeshifting eliminated the concept of physical obstacles for her, Winner moved on to practicing other skills that couldn’t be conquered through sheer brute-force. This dragon has achieved a mastery of everything from chess to blacksmithing to computer coding to knitting to speedrunning video games to eJlousting (don’t ask) to playing Blaseball.

Winner proudly displays all of her achievements in various trophy cabinets that line the Trophy Hall of the PolyHedron stadium. The largest of these cabinets contain her many awards and merits she obtained during her time on the eJlousting circuit (no, seriously, don’t ask.) Winner’s most prized keepsakes however are kept in a cabinet within her bedroom, each memento relating to a specific moment in time or event to commemorate the many important bonds and memories she’s created with people throughout her long life.


Winner has a long and storied history, as to be expected from one with such a long lifespan. Some reports say she was a blacksmith in the old west while other reports place her in the American industrial labor force during the 1940s. There’s no shortage of tales and historical records to be uncovered about Winner.

The more immediate and relevant information however is her career as a Blaseball player for the San Francisco Lovers and her connection to their former-pitcher, now batter, Percival Wheeler. Long before Winner mastered the ability to shapeshift, during her time as a dragon in the Arthurian era, she ruled over the lands and terrorized its people. Winner cared little for the humanfolk, she largely considered them to be nuisances outside of their nutritional value. The people of the land pooled their coin together to hire a knight, Percival Wheeler, to rid their land of the dragon. Wheeler accepted the task, eager to slay her first dragon so that she could finally complete her “Knightly Duties” checklist and return to her king.

The storied tales of that time would show that a knight did indeed slay a dragon that day and saved the land from its tyranny. Some hlistorians however have found evidence showing otherwise. That on that day, Wheeler and Winner engaged in a duel that lasted for several hours. By the end of it the two had become so smitten with each other that they stopped locking weapons and began to lock lips. Winner had never met someone like Wheeler before and grew a newfound appreciation for humans. Wheeler, when asked out on a proper date by Winner, made the dragon promise that in exchange for this date that Winner would no longer terrorize the lands or its people.

The two spent many years together, meeting in secret, until one day Wheeler simply disappeared completely from existence. Winner eventually learned this was caused by a rogue time vortex that flung Wheeler far into the future, unable to master the ability to time travel herself, she resigned herself to the harsh truth that the only way to be reunited with the one she loved was to simply wait for time to catch up.


Winner’s current relationship is what Flacebook would qualify as “It’s Complicated”. It’s been centuries since Winner has last seen Wheeler. Finally having been united on the Blaseball field, on the same team no less, Winner now does her best to keep her dragon form hidden around Wheeler until she has gathered up the courage to find out if their relationship status has changed or not. Wheeler, currently, does not suspect a thing and greatly enjoys her time with new teammate and semi-professional eJlouster and regular human Blaseball player, Silvia Winner.

Don Mitchell has been trying to get Winner to run heists with him for a while now. When questioned about if it meant something more he only had this to say, “Who wouldn'st want a shapeshiftah awn their crew? Use some kind of wise guy, nyaaa?” and went back to drinking his iced milk from a bowl.

King Roland has been mentoring Winner on the fine art of pitching, no doubt trying to get on her good side. Winner in turn has been making efforts to teach Roland to be less of, in her words, “an absolutely royal prat”. Results have yet to be seen, but the San Francisco Lovers can only hope she succeeds in this conquest.


Winner’s current focus, outside of Blaseball, is online gaming. Using the fame she built from being a semi-professional eJlouster (no, for the last time, stop asking what this is… we don’t know) she gained a modest following of fans who began to watch her streaming exploits as a speedrunner on Salmon.NET. Winner currently holds the record in a number of niche titles, including “What Remains of Edith Flinch” and “Plong”.


  • While Winner is quite old in human years, she’s still technically young in dragon years and is quite young at heart. However, she has been known to go into what is colloquially known among the Lovers as “granny mode” and spend her off-time baking, knitting, and gardening when the mood strikes her.
  • Winner has translated her previous life’s skills and experiences to aid her team in unique and unexpected ways. One such way is her talent for blacksmithing (as well as her fire breath) which has allowed her to provide aid to the team (and the Batsmith) by helping repair the team’s equipment in the PolyHedron Smithy.
  • The SilviaChamp emote was introduced to the Salmon.NET streaming service to commemorate Winner’s successful hi-score speedrun of arcade classic “Jloust”. Which, according to Winner, “Is actually a lot like eJlousting, if you think about it.”
  • Many rumors exist about the true extent of Winner’s shapeshifting ability. Some say she can shapeshift her limbs entirely while others say she can transform her entire body into anything at will. Although nobody has been able to prove this, the prevailing defense of the theory being that “That’s how you know she’s good at it. She might even be that coffee cup sitting on your desk right now.”
  • There is tale a trophy cabinet of Winner’s that is filled with nothing but the physical objects in Blaseball known as ‘Wins’. The exact location however has not been found, if it does indeed exist.

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